New Years Day – Malevolence

Rating: 4 / 5          
Distributor/label: Another Century
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Released: 2015
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Album Review: New Years Day – ‘Malevolence’

Band line-up:
Nick Rossi (Drums)
Nikki Misery (Guitar)
Ash Costello (Vocals)
Anthony Barro (Bass)

01. Kill or Be Killed
02. I’m About to Break You
03. Alone
04. Left Inside
05. Relentless
06. Save Myself from Me
07. Suffer
08. Anthem of the Unwanted
09. Scream
10. Your Ghost
11. Defame Me
12. Malevolence


This band from Anaheim, California that’s been around since 2005 have just released their third full length album.

“Kill Or Be Killed” starts things off with a strong, alternative metal vibe. The great guitar riffs along with Ash Costello’s vocals rip through the recording making this a great introduction to the album. “I’m About To Break You” takes off from the first track and gives the band a bit more of a poppier feel, but not into lousy pop music. “Alone” seems to to more of a song with deep and meaningful lyrics that will hit home with a lot of people. “Left Behind” gets things back into a quicker pace and Costello’s vocals once again are standing out. “Relentless” is a great track that makes you want to put your head down and fight through the doldrums of life. “Anthem Of The Unwanted” is a blistering song that really takes things up a few notches.

This album shows the maturation of this band and the depth of their talent has no bounds. This is where they go full on with all guns blazing.

Review By: Rick Ecker