Never Say Die 2016 @ Electric Ballroom, London

6th November, 2016
Review and photography by Billy Edmonds 

Never Say Die is without a doubt one of the most anticipated dates in most hardcore fan’s diaries. The show never fails to impress with a massive array of artists from across the globe and too add to the list of craziness about this evening, this show is sold out! The weather outside is horribly cold and wet; the line outside the ballroom before the doors open are full of eager metal heads dying to get in and warm up, As soon as the doors open people are literally running into the venue and straight to the barrier.

This is a band that I have never found to put on a bad show. It’s been quite a while since the boys played a home show since they have been on tour throughout Europe for the past few months,

These European tours have defiantly given them a big bill of confidence as they jump onto the stage with ‘Blood Lines’ off their debut album ‘Shadowed by Vultures’.


Polar have one job today and that is too get the crowd hyped for the immense line-up, and that one job they have successfully completed, Halfway through the set Polar pull off literally the biggest wall of death of the evening making the entire crowd part like the Dead Sea.

Woody’s (Adam Woodford) vocals have only but improved since the last time I saw them. This is something that really shines throughout the set, which has clearly helped the entire band’s confidence as their stage presence this evening definately overwhelmed many of the other bands on the set. In my opinion Polar deserved to be much higher on this bill then they were.

dsc_9946 dsc_9934 dsc_9933
Woody also announced tonight that they will be back in March of next year with a headline tour so make sure you get yourselves to that!

Make Them suffer

Fresh out of Australia, the lads have been on tour with Never Say Die throughout Europe, Because of this I was expecting quite a chilled set thinking they would be pretty tired.

The last time I managed to catch these guys was in 2015 at Summerblast; Because of that show I wasn’t expecting the set to be great as they didn’t really pull off what I had heard about them, but  this show obviously gave me a really false prospective of Make Them suffer as I couldn’t have been more wrong. The entire set comprises of fast songs which are heavier than a truck full of iron beams pounding down the motorway at 100mph.

The first song they jump into is ‘Widower’; one of the oldest songs in their set; This was probably one of the first songs they released if I remember correctly. Something that becomes very apparent as soon as these lads hit the stage is that they certainly aren’t in this for the money; they are genuinely here to enjoy themselves. The live vocals are incredibly clean. dsc_0211 dsc_0242 dsc_0243


The room is slowly starting to fill up more and more and is moving quicker and quicker with  mosh pits opening up in little sections of the room. This is definately not the last time we are going to see Make Them Suffer brace the stage in the UK.

These guys are rather new to the scene. Having been signed quite recently by Nuclear Blast, Never Say Die is a chance for them to show the UK what they are really made of. Their sound is a little different. It is slow, Melodic and chilling. Rather gothic too to an extent with some majorly heavy growls.


Unfortunately I feel their place on the bill is slightly wrong, As the crowd has entirely stopped moving and is motionless. The sound that they emit just doesn’t entirely fit this bill. This probably isn’t down to the band but more down too the booking system, but this doesn’t stop them having a rather immense time together on the stage.

dsc_0271 dsc_0305 dsc_0343 dsc_0390

Albeit the rest of the show is much based around deathcore/hardcore these guys certainly know how to get a crowd moving even if they aren’t all into the sounds! As they smash their way through the set its evident that tonight they gained a larger fanbase. These guys are not to be missed!

Obey The Brave
An Impericon favourite! Obey The Brave never fail to restore order to a crowd (By this, I mean restore the immense head banging/blood spilling mosh pits!). As soon as they jump on the stage the presence is immediately clear. The full sound that Obey The Brave emit is rather incredible to listen to.

On CD and Live they have neigh on the sound the same which is pretty awesome. The set list comprises of old and new songs. The highlight of the set for everyone is clearly Time For Change from their debut album. As soon as the first riff hits the entire room erupts into a circle pits, Not too mention a hale of two stepping and HC moshing (I really don’t know what else I should call it?).dsc_0470
As I’m watching over the crowd and the stage I see at least 3 people with blood all over their faces. With shows like this, Blood normally means the show has been amazing; This is what I am going to take from it. Obey The Brave are without a doubt not to be missed if you are going to the rest of theNever Say Die tour!

Carnifex are without a doubt one of the heaviest bands on the set today. From a band so heavy I never seen a band with a guitarist who looks so chilled out. He stays in a perfect power stance neigh on the entire night. Carnifex are definattly here to step up the pace jumping straight into ‘Drown Me in Blood’ which is one of their newer songs which dropped earlier this year.


Even if it is a new one, It is a great way to start the show as it has everything you want from a warm up song- perfect breakdowns and immense riffs. Although this song doesn’t comprise of the usal things HC kids love, The two stepping certainly doesn’t slow down or stop.



If anything it gets bigger and better with more of the crowd joining in. Carnifex are another one of them bands that manage to pull off the same sound as they have on CD live. The lead singer from Carnifex never fails to impress me with his style of dress either. He always chooses to have this militant style clothing on for their sets, Maybe this is too do with the fact he always calls out the crowd for pits. At least once per song he tries to get the crowd  hyped, And at least once per song it works.

Thy Art Is Murderdsc_0801
Another band from down under; This is the first time I have been able to see thy Art Is Murder without their singer whom departed earlier this year in order to spend time with his family, Albeit normally to a band this would be a huge hit and a massive blow to the confidence but I don’t think by the looks of  how strong they have hit the stage that this is going to be at all a problem for them tonight. opening with one of the best songs of the set (Which really confused me!) holy war, They make everyone realize what tonight is all about, Brutality. The almighty blast of strobe lights us enough to blind anyone, So much onfact that at the end of Holy war they ask for the strobes to be turned off as it was just too much!


The night continues throughout with the room becoming more and more full and one thing that pleases everyone is how warm it is, If anything It is borderline hot! There are amass of people topless due to the immense heat, If I could see the outside of the ballroom right now,
I could grantee you the roof would be smoking. As thy art is murder pound close their set  a wall of death is declared; of course the crowd happily obliges and the entire thing goes down without a single hitch. They’re new singer is without a doubt a welcome piece to the band and defiantly we will see more of him!dsc_0893

The main band of the evening. Everyone is here for these guys as it’s been a rather long time since they braced the English stages. I am really shocked to see just how many people love Whitechapel with a number of fans even going as far as getting “Blade” Tattoos. As soon as the boys come onto the stage the room they nearly instantly pound into “Mark The Blade” and the room literally erupt into pure chaos,



With photographers nearly being told to leave the photo pit due to the amount of crowd surfers coming over the barrier. From the view point I have the entire room looks like someone has disturbed an ant’s nest with the amount of people moving around, jumping, moshing, 2-stepping and just generally going mental!

As the night continues normally people would start feeling tired but what more is to be expected of a death core crowd than a mass of energy? The stage presence of Whitechapel is something of beauty, although I’m not too sure why Phil (vocals) was determined to carry his towel the majority of the night like a blanket- for me this really killed the image that is Whitechapel

dsc_0937 dsc_1006 dsc_1020
Throughout the set the songs keep on getting heavier and heavier with face melting hits like “Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation”, “End Of Flesh” and “This Is Exile” being blown into the room. Whitechapel have played a rather impressive set tonight, and from what I can gather the crowd have also loved it. Phil has also hinted that Whitechapel will be coming back to the UK pretty soon so this is something that should be watched out for definately! As they leave the stage the imminent screams of “Whitechapel” begin to echo throughout the Ballroom. It at first didn’t look like they was going to play an encore (This could be due to the lights being turned back on far too early!) dsc_1024
But of course, they did. Coming back onto a black stage too “This Saw Is Law”- they demanded that the people tear the roof down. And if the fans could have been let loose just a little more, I honestly think they would have.

Whitechapel Setlist:

  1. Mark The Blade
  2. Elitist Ones
  3. Vicer Exciser
  4. Devigination Studies
  5. Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
  6. Bring Me Home
  7. Tremors
  8. End Of Flesh
  9. Possession
  10. This Is Exile


11. The Saw Is The Law