Never a Hero – UnEvolution

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Self-Release
Distributor/label URL: N/A
Released: 2015
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Band line-up:

Phrixus – Lead Vocals
Thin – Vocals/Guitars
Kaji 2.0 – Lead Guitar
KB – Vocals/Bass
Daisy Lai – Drums/Samples


1. A Thousand Days Wasted
2. Mr. Munchausen
3. Nightboy
4. Not Too Cool To Dance
5. It’s The Way
6. The Crow That Follows You Home
7. God Is Complex
8. Kramer
9. Falling Up
10. The Idiots Are Winning
11. Succubus
12. Time To Crucify


The Suffolk based band return with a new line up and their second album, a follow up to their acclaimed debut ‘Bleed Between the Lines’ (2012). Since the band formed in 2009 they have been featured on both Scuzz and Kerrang TV and had Les Battersby appear in their video for ‘Burning Skies’. Never A Hero is the result of two bands merging and changing direction from their normal styles, mixing hard rock, alternative and electronic to create a diverse and unusual set of songs. Recording in Outhouse Studios with producers Ben Humphries and James Billinge, with John Mitchell mixing the tracks.

What is very obvious from the start that this band have not put themselves into a specific genre box, they really do mix it up and there are some wonderful and creative moments here. They have a very fresh and exciting sound, and are not bound by the normal rules that govern musical styles.

‘A Thousand Days Wasted’ growls and gnarls its way through a short introduction to the album, with vibey sounds and an almost symphonic backing, the female vocal hauntingly beautiful in contrast to the male roar. ‘Mr Munchauen’ is full of drama, thundering drum beats and soaring choruses, uplifting and positive. ‘Nightboy’ is pop-punk with a catchy hook, it has a fun sing-along chorus and plenty of opportunity for audience participation when performed live. The heavily electronic ‘Not Too Cool to Dance’ takes a totally different musical direction, some parts rap, some dance, some emo, it’s both retro and modern day, 80’s brought up to date, a fascinating track that grabs your attention and will cross genres. ‘It’s the Way’ has a dance beat underlying a power ballad, bringing the female vocals more to the front it becomes a duet, the voices work really well together, at times gentle and poignant but also powerful, passionate and urgent. ‘The Crow that Follows You Home’ crosses several genres and holds your attention with its rises and falls. ‘God is Complex’ is a short instrumental segment, a piano piece that twists and turns taking on a grand opus feel, completely unexpected and totally delightful. ‘Kramer’ is infectious, changing in styles throughout and featuring deathcore type screams mixed with powerful female vocals. ‘Falling Up’ takes a gentle soulful verse and pairs it with a high energy chorus, emotional and engaging. ‘The Idiot Are Winning’ mixes pop choruses with rapping verses, it has a rock heart and synth edginess. ‘Succubus’ is hip hop funk indie pop rock metal, it is fun, pure entertainment and mad. Bringing the album to a close, ‘Time to Crucify’ is the result of throwing every genre into a blender but leaving the lid off so that the music sprays everywhere around the room in a strange but delicious new mix.

This dares to be different, it’s brilliantly produced, great vocal performances and it will appeal to a young audience hungry for something new. Ones to watch for the future, record labels should be queuing up to sign this band, they are touring to promote the new album now, so try and catch them, you are sure not to be disappointed.

 Review by Lisa Nash