Neuntoter – Stench To Stench

Rating: 4.0/5
Distributor/Label: Xtreem Music
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Released: 2017
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Band Lineup:637195

Natxo “Vomitor/La Cosa”-Bass, Vocals
Peyo “Hellbanger”-Drums
Sergio “Monsters Invocator”-Guitars


“Consumed in Gore” (Demo ’91)

1. Born Deformed & Leprous
2. Vein Effect
3. Scumfixion
4. M.T.F. (Pt. 1)
5. Satan’s Prayer
6. Consummed in Gore
7. Rot Alive
8. Anxiety
9. Emetic Foulness
10. M.T.F. (Pt. 2)
11. Don’t Pour the Gore
12. State of Putrefaction
13. Seeder of Indolence
14. Blasphemed the Beast
15. Septic

“Slaughter” (Demo ’90)
16. Intro
17. Slave (Under the Pentagram)
18. The Day of the Deads

“Live ‘91 & ’92”
19. Scum (Napalm Death cover)
20. Exulceration (Bleed to Dead)
21. Gastroesophaegal Foetor
22. Noise of the Putrid Offal
23. Vomit Diarhoea
24. Dense Intestine Grinded
25. Slowly We Rot (Obituary cover/molineitor on vocals)
26. Zartako (some songs with friends) – Rehearsal
27. Outro


Neuntoter, the ultra underground death/grind merchants have released a compilation album filled with their first two demos ‘Slaughter’ and ‘Consumed In Gore’ with some live recordings from the early 90s thrown in for good measure. Although it’s been nigh on 24 years since they disbanded as Foeticide, it’s a pleasure to have access to such fundamentally crushing music again and now in a CD format… gadzooks!Neuntoter - Photo01

They’ve reversed the chronology and positioned ‘Consumed In Gore’ as the opening section with 15 tracks of gut-wrenchingly catastrophic music. The opening track ‘Born Deformed and Leprous’ is a brutal combination of some of the most bulldozing riffs and rhythm. The vocals from Natxo ‘Vomitor’ are nothing short of an example of exemplary evil. He sounds more beast than man, a landslide rains out with every utterance. Peyo ‘Hellbanger’ is a machine with lightening quick blows hammering the living hell out of his kit. And Sergio ‘Monsters Invocator’ invokes some monstrous riffs that are chunkier than your twelve year old sister’s morbidly obese hamster Fuck Nugget.

With plenty of calamitous several second numbers you blaze through the first demo in no time; the whole 27 track compilation is done before the 55 minute mark. Stand outs include the opener, ‘Rot Alive’ and ‘Don’t Pour The Gore’. The second demo is much shorter and is only three tracks in length (including the short intro). Although Neuntoter are raw, ‘Slaughter’ is as raw and devastating as it gets. ‘Slave’ provides a more audible and comprehensible demonstration of Vomitor’s vocals with plenty of Satanic references spurting out through the track.Neuntoter - Photo02

The final section is the live parts made up of recordings from concerts in 1991 and 1992. The first live track is a cover of Napalm Death’s ‘Scum’. We also get a cover of Obituary’s ‘Slowly We Rot’ but it is barely audible and you can make out more of what Juan and Pablo are talking about in the crowd; something about open toed sandals I think. At least you get a full on authentic live recording with little effort put in to clean it up. As raw as raw gets.

It is all just such hysterical stuff but so righteous in its own way. Neuntoter haven’t been active in almost a quarter of a century but it is a worthwhile endeavour to re-release their contributions to extreme music for the world to get their greasy mitts on. What an age we live in.

Review by: Pete Mutant