Neo-Noir @ The London Stone, by Lindella Perrini

It’s Friday night and the streets of the City are deserted- it’s a ghost town. One ascends the creaky wooden staircase of the London Stone, where you are greeted by a stone goblin welcoming you into London’s last eerie pub. The medieval décor and dark basement environ are the perfect setting for Neo Noir, one of London’s newest Goth-Alternative nights.Neo-NoirFlyerPicNeo Noir’s ethos is to provide a night of nostalgia, playing Old Skool Industrial, Goth Rock, Darkwave, Classic EBM mixed in with Classic Future-Pop dance floor hits and always a funny tune to end the night. Here the likes of VNV Nation, Clan of Xymox, Container 90, Cubanate, Android Lust, Sisters of Mercy, Paralyzed Age, Nitzer Ebb and Anna Clarke all amalgamate together to represent the sounds of the past and near-present and provide a night of pure dancing.

Whilst there is a cover charge of £3 before 11pm (£4 after, except for London Gothic MeetUp Members for whom it is £3 all night), it is more than worth it.
On entry a choice of rainbow coloured vodka jellies are given to customers and sugar goodies (cookies, cakes and sweets) are free at the bar. The crowd are friendly and welcoming of newcomers and the atmosphere is always buzzing, it is clearly a night where one can enter alone and leave with a whole new group of friends. The DJs are always willing to take requests, in advance or on the night, Neo Noir feels less like a club and more like a community of similar thinking alternative people who all just want to have fun.

DJ Wozza started the 16th September with a nice mix of Classic tunes including The Cure, Crüxshadows, Pride and Fall, Rammstein and VNV Nation getting the energy going on the dance floor. The rest of the night was hosted by DJ Jester and Miss_Bleep, Jester spinning well known Gothic, Darkwave and Futurepop supported by an interesting mix of rarities, whilst Bleep added a pounding Old Skool feel with more Industrial, Classic EBM, including KMFDM’s cover of material girl and Ultraviolence’s Hardcore Motherfucker (both tracks I haven’t heard in a London club since…I can’t remember!). As the night closes the music gets “bleepier” keeping the dance floor alive till the very last second.

Neo Noir is one of the friendliest alternative clubs I have been to and I often try to make the trek into London just for this night, every track seems to be a classic tune that you just can’t help bounce along to, if only we could party here all weekend!