Negative Symbols – Without Voices

Rating: 4.5/5
Released: 2016
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Negative Symbol - Without VoicesBand line-up:

Benedikt Willnecker


I – 5.27min
II – 3.16min
III – 7.06min
IV – 2.54min
V – 7.42min
VI – 4.45 min
VII – 5.21min
VIII 3.32min
IX 7.09min

Negative Symbols is the instrumental solo project of Belgium based Benedikt Willnecker. As the former live bassist of Der Weng Reinheit and former songwriter for Ara Kra, Willnecker has invested both a lot of time and passion into the Black Metal scene.

This debut solo album, Without Voices, begins by luring you into a false sense of security with a delicate guitar melody which is shortly accompanied by sirenesque synths. It is only a matter of time before the traditional black metal blast-beats and tremolo guitar kick in.

What is particularly intriguing about this instrumental album is that it was written and recorded within a week, furthermore, the tracks have not been given names and they are simply identified by their duration.

Throughout the album, it’s apparent that it has been created upon a strong black metal foundation, incorporating all the traditional elements including blast-beat drums and intricate high-octane riffing, however it fearlessly encompasses ethereal elements which are both serene and mournfully melancholic, this is unusual within the traditional scene.

The passion experienced during this album is highly emotive and Willnecker guides you through a journey of pure emotional instability. The contrasting gentle acoustic guitar in consort with the high pitched, fast paced electric guitar will have your heart racing and send divergent emotions whizzing around your brain.

Overall, this album is somewhat magical and it’s paradox of complexity and simplicity may be what make it’s something truly special.

It’s noted that this album is for fans of Deafhaven, Cult of Luna and Opeth.

Review by Pixee