NaTyMeTaL, Model Feature

Model Name: NaTyMeTaL, Age: 21, Country: Costa Rica

Style: Alternative Modelling

NaTyMeTaL [Naty] aka Natalia is a 21 year old model from Costa Rica.
She is currently studying Graphic Design and is the owner of the popular international modeling site Gorgeous Freaks Company!
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Naty is a lovely, sweet and friendly girl who has a love for metal and spends her time promoting bands and helping alternative models get published and recognised and is proud to support the Metal and Alternative Scene…Worldwide!

I first started to chat to Naty online around 4 years ago when I first started publishing my own photography and I found many of my modelling shoots being published on her site.
It is a great pleasure to be interviewing Naty today who has just gone from strength to strength and has now recently gone to print in her own alternative magazine.
When did you start to take up Modelling?
I have been an Alternative Model since 2008.
I became a model when I got my first shoot by surprise! It was on one of my friend’s Gothic Boutiques. I went into the store just to browse around when I noticed they were doing a shoot for the boutique and as my friend was the owner she asked if myself and my sister wanted to be included! She said she liked our style and well we immediately said Yes and I really loved it.
I think alternative modelling is different but yet still very beautiful, so I decided to continue modelling.

You’re publication Gorgeous Freaks is doing really well, how did it all start?
I created Gorgeous Freaks with my sister Yaz, we publish all types of Alternative Models and we now also sell T-shirts, Accessories, etc, and we have just published our first print Magazine in Nov 2011, we are so excited about it!

What advice would you give anyone else wanting to start a career in Modelling?
Well first of all go for it, just be yourself, be natural and put your heart in it, and if someone tells you to not do it or that you are not good then tell them to fuck off haha, not really just don’t care about others, do it for yourself and keep trying every time to get better everyday and don’t give up ^.^
You design all your own T-Shirts and Accessories, where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
Well yeah some of our jewelry is handmade, also our mini hats!
And about shirt designs, since I was a little girl I always wanted to draw, so I decided to give it a try and drew some of the random things I had in mind, so I started making some t-shirt designs and also my sis drew some of them, but for now we haven’t released them cuz it’s hard to find a good and not that expensive printer here, so our t shirt line is on hold…for now.

You have a strong love for metal, how do you find the metal scene in Costa Rica?
Yeah I love it, thanks to my dad for getting me into the metal scene, and well here in Costa Rica the metal scene is very big, everyday u see a new metalheads in the street haha and at gigs, so it’s always nice but sometimes it’s hard to see metalheads in local gigs, they prefer to go to an international gigs and not to a local one, so it sucks because local bands also need their support, but well I think everyday the scene grows a bit so that’s good!

Do you have a good following locally, or do you find your items selling more internationally?
I think it’s equal, me and my sis have sold a lot of stuffs here and also to some other countries!
Do you have anything exciting happening for 2012?
Well I don’t know yet haha, but the magazine will continue for sure, also me and my sis have big plans for our store and we wanna put someday a store and a tattoo shop together!
Also we are planning on going this year to USA again to visit friends and also to work with people from there for some modelling.
And hopefully this year I will go to more gigs and meet more bands and people interested in my modelling so we can work in something and I will keep supporting the metal scene \m/

What would you like to achieve in the Future?
I would like to be in more international magazines, and also to work with popular designers, models, photographers in the alternative industry and with more bands. Id like to travel and have my own tattoo shop and store and also one of my dreams is to start playing guitar!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love going to gigs, parties, hanging out with my friends, playing with my doggies, editing pics, listening to music, eating!
I also love piercings, tattoos, photography and modelling. I like being random sometimes, and being funny.
Thank you so much for your time Naty and for always supporting myself and Altercarnated Photography, which will also be featured in the next Gorgeous Freaks Publication, so stay tuned for more updates!!

Thank you!