Nashorn – Echoes of War

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label:  Exclusively distributed by Metal Music Austria
Released: 2015
Band Website:

Album Line-Upanita

Samu Luontomaa-bass
Toni Luontomaa- drums, vocals
Pekka Markkula- guitars
Eero Mäkipää- guitars
Marko Ala-Kleme- vocals

  1. The Crucial attack
  2. Towards sinister
  3. Birds of pray
  4. Catastrophic kill
  5. Horns of victory

As soon as I played this album, it had me dancing around like a possessed groupie! Considering that this album is quite heavy and very growly it had me turning very girly and excited! My personal favourite is track 2, “Towards Sinister”, which was almost teasing me musically, with the building and dropping of the rhythm it toys with the listener before the vocals hit hard in the right way!

They have a really great sound and impressing guitaring and paired with the deep growling vocals compliment the band well, though my only critique would be that for me, at some points a softer vocal along side their front man would have served the band well, but overall a really great album!

Review by Anita Lyons