NarrowHouse – Thanathonaut

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Solitude Productions
Released: 2014

coverBand line-up:
Egor “Bewitched” – Vocals/Guitars/bass/lyrics
1. Crossroads
2.The First Day of the Rest of Your life
3. Furious Thoughts Of Tranquility
4. The Midwife To Sorrows
5. Thanathonaut
6. A Sad Scream Of Silver
7. Crushing the Old Empire
8. The Last Retreat
9. Doom Over Valiria
10.  Возрождение
Ukraine’s experimental Doom Metal outfit ‘Narrow House’ release their second album to date.
Known for playing dark, heavy, funeral doom the band have taken the word ‘experimental’ quite literally throughout ‘Thanathonaut’ by adding a live saxaphone, a choir, cello and double bass to their usual amplified doom equipment.

This intriguing offering allows former funeral doom experts to deliver a much more –dare we say-uplifting progressive feel to a lot of tracks. ‘The Midwife to Sorrows’ for example, allows the tracks doom aspects to shine through but with a much slower progressive/metal twist that works tremendously.

The worry is that there may just be too much experimentation packed into this one album. The saxophone in ’Thanathonaut’ and ‘Last Retreat’ becomes more of a distraction than added interesting instrument, these tracks may have faired better without it, especially in ‘Thanathonaut’ as it just ruins what should have been an epic drum solo. The album may be 10 tracks long but only lasts a mere 40mins which is another worry, as this could have easily doubled in length if the tracks were allowed to flourish particularly apparent in ‘Furious Thoughts of Tranquillity’ and ‘Doom over Vallria.’

‘Crushing in the old Empire’ features an amp shaking guitar riff but is unfortunately overshadowed by some very unnecessary keys. Narrow House take their music seriously and creativity is their biggest factor, experimental being the key word they have produced an album that is under a genre of its very own so go in with an open mind. Credit where credit is due.

Review by Nadean Daley