NADIMAC set release date for new XTREEM MUSIC album, reveal first track

Serbian crossover thrash maniacs Nadimac have just finished the recordings for their fifth album, Besnilo (“Indignation”), which is set for international release on July 3rd via Xtreem Music.


Containing 14 raging songs, Nadimac‘s Besnilo is a manic attack to your ears with an uncommercial style of high-paced crossover thrash metal not for weak ears, which will for sure please any lover of bands like Tankard, Cryptic Slaughter, Razor, Assassin, The Exploited, S.O.D., Crumbsuckers, D.R.I., and Sodom.

Hear the new track “Jednom Nogom u Gradu” at Xtreem Music‘s official YouTube channel HERE and also at the label’s Soundcloud HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Nadimac’s Besnilo
1. Pharos
2. Sanity Ascend
3. Cloaks of Oblivion
4. Drones
5. Reborn Into Demise
6. The Yearning
7. This Barren Existence
8. Seven Archons
9. The Prophet