Naberus – The Lost Reveries

Band Name: Naberus
Album Name: The Lost Reveries
Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Eclipse Records
Distributor/Label URL:
Released: 2nd December 2016
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Naberus The Lost Reveries

Band Line-up:

James Ash – Vocals & Guitar,
Dan Ralph – Guitar,
Jordan Mitchell – Bass,
Chris Sheppard – Drums.

Track Listing:

1. Drones
2. Unmasked
3. Close Your Eyes
4. Embers
5. Torch The Sky
6. Vultures
7. Voices
8. The Fallen
9. Darkest Day
10. Gallows
11. Dirge For Sanity
12. Walk The Streets
13. Cohesion
14. Reveries


This is the band’s second album; more of the same, subtle changes or a drastic overhaul?
For Australia’s melodic death metal bruisers NABERUS, it’s chiefly the first on their follow-up to debut “Reveries” – a lead-heavy masterpiece that harked the genre’s most celebrated releases. But how does the recently-discovered “The Lost Reveries” stack up against its forebears?

The simple fact of the matter is that this is the sort of album that fans of Sweden’s IN FLAMES wished their beloved masters would produce again. Where the melo-death masters have softened and matured in their lengthening career, NABERUS step into the breach with what can only be described as a hungry sophomore album. Hell, this is a ravenous beast baying for a feast to soothe its aching stomach.

From the opening static of curtain-raiser “Drones”, there is no let-up and no mercy – the foot is firmly to the throat of the listener. Buzz-saw riffs gnaw away, drums pound and there’s a delightfully-audible clanking bass that melds it all together, supplemented by a monstrous production. Seriously, this is beef. Yet weaving its way through all the rabid raucousness are subtle little melodies – be they through guitar licks and phrases, as in “Torch The Sky”, or vocals, where the stellar “Vultures” shines. It’s this that sticks with you and brings you back again, hungry for more of the same.

With five originals alongside nine re-recordings of previous releases, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there may be a divergence in the overall sound or writing. If there is, “The Lost Reveries” doesn’t make it blatantly obvious. It’s a strong formula that, whilst a tad tried-and-trusted, needn’t be tampered with and helps the band deliver a strong collection of melo-death goodness. But what makes a set of solid songs better is the execution – a combination of production and performance makes for a furious execution. The vocals are simply visceral and bloody angry which oftentimes doesn’t come across. Most metal requires a certain level of anger, yet the delivery can often feel stale (something of which is certainly not the case here).

New meets old on this second release and ably encompasses all that NABERUS are; thrashing riffs, fragile melodies stitched into the fabric and coated with bristling execution, “The Lost Reveries” makes for an enjoyable listen and a welcome bed for listeners to snuggle up in. It brims with youthful vigour and hunger, something of which has been sorely lacking in the genre for a while. Get comfy and bang your head!

Review by: Lee Carter