MYRKUR Details Forthcoming LP on Relapse Records

Kristoffer Rygg of Ulver to Produce, Teloch of Mayhem on Guitars, Øyvind Myrvoll of Nidingr & Dodheimsgard on Drums


Hear New Demo “Skaði”

“I am honored that Kristoffer is helping me create my full length album, and to work with musicians like Teloch and Øyvind. I have done everything myself except drums previously so it is a big change to have more people involved, but I know it was the right choice. People can expect an album that will be nastier, prettier, and more disorienting than the previous recordings.

It is very cold in Oslo.” – MYRKUR MYRKUR is currently in Oslo recording her highly anticipated full length LP to be released next year on Relapse Records. Kristoffer Rygg, aka Garm of Ulver is producing the album, Øyvind Myrvoll of Nidingr and Dodheimsgard is on drums while Teloch of Mayhem plays guitars alongside Myrkur. She also shared they will be recording in Olso’s Valhallveien Studio as well as in Emanuel Vigeland’s Museum. If you missed it last week – MYRKUR confirmed her first live performance at Roskilde Festival in Denmark and shared her new demo “Skaði”, giving us a glimpse of what’s in the near future. Purchase Myrkur’s Self Titled EP from Relapse Records HERE Praise for Myrkur: “a black metal record that respects tradition without drowning in it…” – Decibel “Somewhere between the folk-based black metal of Ulver’s Bergtatt and the weightless shoegaze of Cocteau Twins lies Myrkur.” – NPR “The flashpoint for extreme metal in 2014”

Pitchfork “An emerging innovator in the field” – Noisey “Really fucking good…one of the best collections of atmospheric black metal I’ve heard this year” -Stereogum “…it’s haunting and it’s beautiful, and it’s generally everything you want black metal to be…” -Metal Sucks “beautiful and ofttimes wondrous” – Bloody Disgusting “A killer collection of expertly crafted second-wave style atmospheric black metal songs with gorgeous vocals” – Brooklyn Vegan “Nattens Barn” is such a masterful, otherworldly song.” – Consequence of Sound Follow Myrkur Praise for Call of the Void: “crust punk, hardcore, and grind blended into cathartic, anthemic bursts.” – Pitchfork “Following the paths that the early albums of Converge and Mastodon set before them, Call of the Void erupts in brutality with each track ” – Invisible Oranges “With a raw, messy sound drenched in over-amped guitars and driven by pure bile, they channel grindcore and Iron Monkey-esque sludgy unpleasantness with each track” – Outburn