My last Suicide – The Unsigned Stage

My last Suicide are a melodic death metal band from Banja Luke “My Last Suicide” began its work in March 2009.
The band quote: “At the beginning many ideas were involved in the band’s work so we couldn’t say exactly what genre the band played or what genre had the biggest influence on MLS. After awhile, or to be more precise an year later, the music defined itself by genre and by style and that road got us where they are today- “melodic death metal”. (Gothenburg’s school of melodic death metal). During 2010 the band taped their first two demo tapes under the titles “Ignored” and “Betrayed soul”. The audience accepted both demo tapes very well.
My last Suicide
Two more tapes were finished quickly after that, under the titles “in memoriam” and “North”. During the year 2011, the band went to music studio “PARADOX” in Smederevo where they taped 6 more songs for the EP “Personality Disorder”. At the end of 2011, guitarist Goran Marić left the band and Gojko Šmitran came to his place. During 2012 the band went to music studio “PARADOX” once again where they taped their new single “Crucified for nothing”, a song for which they’ve done their first video too.

My last Suicide
They have a great number of live shows in BiH and in region of which they would gladly mention the following ones:

Urban Fest Osijek ( 2011)
Prnjavorstock fest Beograd ( 2011)
Rastok Fest Jelah ( 2012 )
Scream Fest Ljubuski ( 2012)
46th Guitar fest in Zaječar ( 2012)

Wacken Metal Battle (2011)
Wacken Metal Battle (2014)

My last Suicide

At the moment band is working on their new material and getting it ready for their first full length album taping.

Band members: 
Dragan Golubović ( Vocal )
Aleksandar Talić ( Guitar )
Gojko Šmitran ( Guitar )
Daniel Knežević ( Bass )
Aleksandar Zrnić ( Drums )

– 4 demo tapes made in 2010
– EP “Personality Disorder” , made 2011
– Single “Crucified for nothing” along with the video, made in 2012

– Single “I Am God” 2014


New Single: