My Dying Bride @ O2 Islington Academy by Jo Blackened

18th May 2011, Review & Photography by Jo Blackened

Seeing as this was their first show in years here in London for ‘My Dying Bride’ it was so surprise seeing a long line-up of Metallers and Goths queuing up, before the doors were even open.

Once inside it wasn’t long until the lights went down and first and only support band tonight came on stage.
Ava Inferi certainly know how to make an entrance to the stage. A Gothic Doom Metal band from Portugal, fronted by Carmen Susana Simões who certainly knows how to belt out a tune!
Apprearing from the shadows holding a candle lantern, covered in full black cloth covering her face, Carmen made her dark, dramatic gothic entrance onstage.

This band have a great stage presence and it feels more like a stage production than just a gig. The rest of the members are great & the music is fantastic.

I really wanted to like this band, the audience really seemed to, but for me the vocals just weren’t on form tonight. I loved their dark gothic image and music and the members were great for posing for photos but the high tones that were being hit tonight could surely break glass, or at least my brain & I knew I wasn’t able to stand for it for their whole set.
Aside from that, the whole band played & performed brilliantly.

There is no doubt his band have talent & I really enjoyed the music side, just think the vocals needed to be tweaked down slightly?!

They have recently released their fourth album ‘Onyx’ which I will most definitely check out.

After quite a long break, and afew visits to the bar it was time for My Dying Bride.

The venue was totally packed tonight and I was surprised seeing upstairs closed, even to photographers!

There is no doubt after their years of experience these guys know how to put on a good show and despite seeing them the last time they were in London I always get a lil chill when I see Aaron Stainthorpe.

He’s such a great vocalist and has such an immense stage presence, again making it feel like you are watching a theatrical show rather than just a gig.

It’s hard to believe this UK band have been going since 1990 and have made a great impact on gothic doom metal since.

I have been a fan of this band for a very long time so I was privileged to be shooting them tonight!

It was great hearing them play their old, much loved songs tonight too. They are clearly loved too, as the audience didn’t stop screaming and most were singing along to the songs.

It is no doubt My Dying Bride are a band you need to see live! They are well known for their heavy riffs and haunting lyrics and I especially loved the keyboards and live violin that was being played tonight, including the brand new song ‘You Are Not The One Who Loves Me’, from the band’s 20-year anniversary collection Evinta, which was released at the end of May 2011.

All the members looked and played perfectly, infact this is definitely the best I’ve ever seen them play to date.

Throughout their set their energy was amazing, performing all their greatest songs, it really was like listening to their greatest hits album!

Just as the band were about to finish and leave the stage Aaron Stainthorpe stopped and jokily said ‘Yeh we could go off stage and wait for you to all scream for more, the we come back and do our encore, but we are just too old for that now…so here is the encore, but feel free to scream for more anyway!’

Which the crowd were happy to do!

The encore seemed as long as their set, not that I was complaining, I could’ve easily watched them for longer, again with ‘Aaron’ stating ‘This has to be the longest we’ve ever played!’ You could really feel the amazing atmosphere and connection with the band members and the audience tonight, it was amazing to watch.

This is one band who shouldn’t have been missed tonight, a fantastic way to break up the week and it’s great to know after all these years this band are still on top-form and know how to put on a fantastic performance, an absolutely brilliant night!