Mutagenocide – Devolve EP by Lee Carter

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Rad Nauseam Records
Released: 2014
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Mutagenocide DEVOLVEBand line-up:

Jay Taylor – Vocals
Ben Wilsker – Drums
Patrick Scott – Guitar
Paul Clayton – Guitar
Thomas Greenway – Bass

Track Listing:

1. Hysteria
2. Devolve
3. Entombed & Swallowed
4. Half-born
5. Remeron Nightmares
6. Wretched


With an album cover depicting a post-apocalyptic wasteland and a title of “Devolve”, you’d be forgiven for expecting MUTAGENOCIDE’s latest EP to double as the soundtrack of an impending force that will lay waste to the land and force us all back in our natural progression. Fortunately for these savage Brit metallers, they duly deliver.

It is an uncompromising offering; death/thrash-inspired riffery meets throaty, hardcore-influence yells and wicked leads yet is all finely balanced enough to offer a varied attack. “Hysteria” opens with mathcore-style frenzy, gnashing and snarling with off-kilter, stuttering, staccato rhythms and Jay Taylor’s hoarse bark whilst offering a sonic representation of a nation’s reaction to their society being felled by some irresistible force. This is the mainstay for the rest of the EP – sonic story-telling of a desecrated world. “Remeron Nightmares” grinds its way through the decay all the way to the wretched end of closer “Wretched” – this is how EPs with narrative should be.

But it’s the EP’s centrefold in “Entombed & Swallowed” that MUTAGENOCIDE showcase their brilliance as musicians. A sprawling epic that encompasses everything that the band has to offer, from the aforementioned riffs and bloody vocals, to powerful drumming and haunting cleans. It adds a sense of emotion to the fold and only serves to enhance the EP; offering an added dimension and subtext to the story the band are telling.

Heavy, warped and uncompromising; this is one hell of an EP. MUTAGENOCIDE don’t so much as devolve their music but evolve it to a pinnacle – it works on a sonic level as well as a story-telling level. With two EPs now under their belt, we can only hope the band will be preparing a full-length release soon. And the day it’s released cannot come soon enough.

Review by Lee Carter