Mummified Monk Of Ko Samui-Thailand

Review and Photos by Sabrina Selkis

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Well my darlings, we are all going to die someday but how many of us will end up like Luang Pho Daeng??


On a visit to Ko Samui, Thailand, I had to stop at this unusual site, West of Hua Thanon on Route 4169.



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Luang Pho Daeng was a 79 year old Thai Buddhist monk who died while meditating in 1973. His mummified body has been since on display at the Wat Khunaram, in an upright glass casket and surrounded by flowers, candles, incense sticks and fruit offerings.


For many Farangs (Westerners), this might be a very uncomfortable visit, but many Thai people come here to worship the man who gave his life to Buddhism, and worship Death, which is seen as an opportunity to be reborn in a next life.


And because the eyeballs have dried out, the mummified body is now wearing sunglasses.Your argument is invalid!

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Wat Khunaram – Ko Samui Island – Thailand