Mr. Peter Hayden – Eternal Hayden

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Svart Records
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Phil Hayden - Eternal Hayden

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1. Looking Back at Mr. Peter Hayden
2. We Fly High
3. Reach
4. Higher
5. Rock and Roll Future


Now referring to themselves with the simplified title of PH, the Finnish rockers, formally known as Mr. Peter Hayden are back with their fourth full-length studio album – Eternal Hayden.

Due to release on March 10th via Svart Records, it’s apparent that there is already hype and anticipation surrounding this album’s launch.

This instrumental album with take you on both an emotional and spiritual journey on what the band have described as a ‘guide to spiritual growth, ascension and overall progression towards freedom’. Combining synthesizers and ethereal guitars, this album incorporates a plethora of sounds which challenge and arouse the senses.

With the opening track, “Looking Back at Mr. Peter Hayden” and the closing track “Rock And Roll Future”, it’s evident that this explorative album is both a reflection of their previous work and an insight into their next journey.

In order to truly appreciate this album, you must allow yourself to be immersed into the trance of this psychedelic, cosmic doom. Built upon a strong foundation of their previous releases, a trilogy which ‘started as an experiment, but became an experience which they were caught within’, I’m intrigued to see where the next stage of their journey will take them.

Review by Pixee