Mount Salem – Endless By Dan Brent

Rating: 4/5   
Distributor/label: Metal Blade
Released: 4th March 2014
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Mount Salem - Endless
Band line-up:

Emily Kopplin – vocals
Cody Davidson – drums
Mark Hewett – bass
Kyle Morrison – guitars


1.    Good Times
2.    The Tower
3.    Lucid
4.    Full Moon
5.    Mescaline
6.    Mescaline II
7.    Hysteria
8.    The End


I think we’ve heard it all before, haven’t we?
Mention female fronted rock to somebody and the usual comparisons will appear in front of you with full and shocking predictability. A band can defy genres but unfortunately a by-product of the age we live in is lazy comparisons to other female fronted bands that are nothing like the one in question. Hopefully, Mount Salem will break the mould.

This is a fascinating album, veering from near Sabbath-esque crunching, doom-laden riffs and wild glam-type solos to lush, psychedelic landscapes all held together by the near angelic voice of Emily Kopplin that glides over the songs leaving an almost relaxed, atmospheric quality particularly on songs such as The Tower and Lucid which pack such a powerful punch, it will make you want to jump around the room while the vocals make you simply want to sit still and listen to the mournful message that lie deep within the songs. Such a contrast is what makes Mount Salem one of the most interesting bands I have heard in a long time.

Sometimes, it does not work as well. Good Times does not immediately grab the attention and rather fades out after not quite hitting the heights but this album is far more hit than miss and the brilliantly rocking and desperately aching  Mescaline II, definitely the stand-out track on the album, leave you thinking that this band has a bright future.