MotherWhig – Spit

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
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Released: 2014
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Pic (1)Band line-up:
Gianleonardo Gentile – Vocals
Marcello Valentini – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Giovanni “Caligula” Capaldo – Bass, Backing Vocals
Filippo Pedullà – Drums
1. Fearless
2. Our Good Destiny
3. Kick your own Skull
Originally formed in High school and promising to bring the world tough and heavy metal, after suffering quite a varied line up over the years, Italian heavy metal quartet MotherWhig have finally self released their studio debut record ‘Spit.’
The record opener ‘Fearless’ sees that the promise of tough and heavy metal is delivered with blasting drumbeats accompanied by grove laden guitar riffs that quickly grasp your attention from the first note, before Gianleonard’s –perfect English- raspy vocals belt out the catchy chorus.
‘Our Good Destiny’ disappointingly doesn’t follow suit. The slow consistency of the track is quite boring, truth be told the lyrics aren’t that creative either you may want to skip to the final track on the record, ‘Kick your Own Skull’ you’ll be glad you did.
The track has every element you would expect in a great metal song, bursting with adrenaline it will have you throwing yourself around the room in a one man mosh pit.
The perfect motivational track for your work out playlist too. As the record is just three tracks long you will be left hungry for more, MotherWhig know how they want to sound but there is still room to grow. This record should give these guys the attention they deserve and could see it steer them in the right direction in 2015.
Review by Nadean Daley