Mortal Torment – Cleaver Redemption

Rating:  3/5
Distributor/label: Gore House Productions
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Released: 2015
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Album line-up:

Giannis – vocals
Alex – guitars
Anastases – guitars
Angel – bass
George – drums

Album tracklisting:

1. Epileptic Defecation
2. Tender/Dismember
3. A Million Skulls to Bludgeon
4. Cleaver Redemption
5. Sculpting the Dead
6. Necropitogyron
7. Masturbating the Deranged
8. Whorified
9. Fucked in the Eye Socket and Left to Die
10. Hymn to the Rotten



Sounding like a cross between Germany’s BLOOD with a bit of DYING FETUS and ABORTED thrown in, MORTAL TORMENT’s Cleaver Redemption is a very entertaining and brutal slab of death metal. This band from Greece offers riffs aplenty yet also show an ability to put forth material that does not overstay its welcome, unlike a number of death metal bands who play this style. Lyrics are gory, violent and disgusting pieces that complement the music very well, while vocals are of the typical “brutal death metal” kind, composed mainly of squeals and growls. In fact, about the only weak point here is that the vocals tend to sound a bit monotonous after a while. Still, the music in Cleaver Redemption is just so good, if one can overlook the vocals and enjoy the rest of the band.

My earlier comparison between MORTAL TORMENT and BLOOD springs from the fact that many songs in Cleaver Redemption are kicked off by samples taken from movies or other media. These provide a kind of black humor to the proceedings. “Necropitogyron” borrows the infamous sample known as the “Best Cry Ever”, which itself is taken from the reality T.V. show Intervention: it’s the shortest song here, less than a minute long, which is pretty much similar to some of BLOOD’s work. MORTAL TORMENT also scored points for me by remaining within a more traditional death metal-meets-grindcore framework than other bands who tend to sound more like metalcore bands with blast beats. There are a couple of highlights here including “Tender-Dismember” and “Sculpting the Dead”, yet the best way to enjoy Cleaver Redemption is to listen to the whole album from start to finish, instead of picking individual songs. By the last few songs, it may drag a bit, but not as much as other bands.

I recommend MORTAL TORMENT’s Cleaver Redemption to fans of both old as well as new school death metal, since it offers enjoyment for both groups. The only weak point for me were the vocals, yet it’s probably because I am more used to the traditional growls of past death metal bands. If you feel like getting sonically pummeled, Cleaver Redepmtion will not disappoint.

Review by Titus Isaac