MORKESAGN – Where The Darkness Never Ends

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label:  Self released
Released: 2015
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Band line-up:

Ekvil (Vocals, Guitars)
Farn (Guitars)
Heydvald (Bass)
Beird (Drums)


1. Dungeons
2. Heart of Darkness
3. Heart of Poison
4. Heart of Flame
5. Temple
6. Frost
7. Throne of Doom


Morkesagn is a Black Metal band from Kiev that formed in 2013, although the line-up has changed almost completely since the band first started.  The name was taken from the Norwegian language and means “Dark Legends”, apparently. This is the debut album.  They claim to be the “kind of primeval, instinctive Black Metal that triggers an involuntary bloodlust in the minds and hearts of the faithful.”  All good so far.

This is definitely an album that ticks all the right boxes.  The aptly titled ‘Dungeons’ has a dark, melodic intro with a sudden burst of violent sound.  Then it develops through various different styles.  Clearly a lot of time and thought has gone into this.

Every track has something a little different to offer.  ‘Heart of Poison’ has a slow, delicate build.  ‘Frost’ is thickly textured all the way through.  There are some technical moments of brilliance in places.  They claim to be of the style of early Norwegian Black Metal, and I would agree.

My main criticism would be that they have tried very hard to be in a particular style, so much so that it actually sounds a little bit formulaic.  Even on the first listen through you can sort of tell what they’re about to next. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s contrived, but when I said that it ticks all the right boxes, it sort of seems like they’ve deliberately had a tick list of everything an album should have.  There are also a couple of times where the playing isn’t entirely together.  Having said that, I doubt any fans of the genre would be disappointed.

Basically this is a well constructed, considered album that does what it says on the tin, it just didn’t really wow me.

Review by Bob Davidson