Mordred release free download of first new single in over 20 years as a Thank You to fans.Mordred

New single: THE BARONESS

Following on from their triumphant and hugely welcome return to these shores, Mordred have released a free download of their first new single for over 20 years, THE BARONESS, as a thank you to everyone who came along and supported them throughout their killer recent tour. This single can be streamed and downloaded from their Facebook page Here:

As fierce and funky, brash and brilliant as ever, this is taste of what’s to come from this wickedly inventive band of San Franciscan musicians, and I for one can’t wait to hear more. 20 years gone and sounding as fresh as they did first time round, quite simply awesome!

“..this is a massive performance…highlights, though, are the raptastic Esse Quam Videri and a stunning cover of Thin Lizzy’s Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed. But the whole occasion is simply a joy. The atmosphere, the musicianship, the song choice… it all works. And Mordred’s combination of metal, funk and hip-hop sounds convincingly contemporary
Malcolm Dome, Metal Hammer

“Mordred’s return to Belfast after two decades is nothing less than triumphant….No band has ever really managed to better what Mordred did, and with the prospect of a new release this could hopefully be the beginning of a renaissance for the band. All in all, a faultless gig”

“Back in ’91 I heralded Mordred’s legendary Marquee show as the greatest night of my life, but….I can safely say I was wrong because some 23 years later I’m finding myself saying it again. Without a shadow of a doubt, Mordred will always be the coolest band to grace stage, vinyl, cassette, disc and ears.
Metal Forces.

Also included are a couple of their old tracks – Everyday’s A Holiday and Falling Away – for you to give a listen to, more new music coming soon!