Mordecai – Undaunted by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/ Label: Independent release

Band Line up:
Dan M Hicks : Vocals & Guitar
Andy Short : Lead Guitar
Rick Kilcher : Bass
Alex Gooders : Drums

Track listing:
1. Cold Blooded Murder
2. Red Roses & Black Lies
3. I’ll Never Know
4. Turning Tricks
5. Living Dead
6. Final Curtain
7. Wings
8. Method in Your Madness
9. Left Behind
10. Lifeline
11. White Horse

Having stumbled across these guys at a live show some years ago now, I was intrigued to see how they had grown in sound with their unique blend of American hard rock and metal that they’ve been nurturing for some years now. Since then the London based quintet have been rather busy it would seem, having released various recordings, featuring at festivals like Download and Bloodstock, they are now ready to dish out their latest offering Undaunted which was recorded in Philadelphia USA.

Dusting off with a hard rock grittiness, ‘Cold Blooded Murder’ slams in with clean vocals and fully charged riffs, set to inject a raw dose of grunge into your ears. A solid transition of between the verse and chorus reveals a good sense for song writing with some solos upping the ante. These guys start out with enough promise to set the pace for things to come!

Breaking into a tension fuelled bass groove of ‘Red Roses & Black Lies’ the momentum carries on where it left off. The track offers some backing vocals in its chorus section adding an extra element of urgency within the chorus section with some impressive solo work to get heads nodding along in approval.

Much of the record plays out in a collection of heart felt edgy sound that has a solid range of instruments and plenty of scope to keep things interesting. Everything is well matched with some intense guitar melody and mournful lyrics.

‘Turning Tricks’ with its opening face melting lead and quality controlled drums is guaranteed to become an instant hit with influences of Shinedown and Audioslave.

Meanwhile, a strong craft for ballad writing is showcased in ‘Wings’ which fits the bill for a more introspective and sombre sounding resonance.

Other highlights include the cathartic punch of ’Method in Your Madness’, which is locked in by a water tight sounding bass and blues guitar of ‘Left Behind’ which displays a far reaching appeal that will keep fans hitting the replay button.

Going out in a blaze of galloping drums is the adrenaline pumped ‘White Horse’, is energized with plenty of distorted guitars seething vocals that and plenty of head banging prowess.

Overall, I was quite surprised at some of the gems found on this debut album. One that comes with enough diversity for even the most avid fans of the genre to find themselves becoming lured in by.

However, it is the bands ability to provide a hard rocking kick-to-the-face quality, which will no doubt leave a long lasting impact on the London scene and beyond.