Monuments Interview, by Katherine Tullett

Monuments Interview Interview with Olly Steele (Guitarist), @ The Underground, Camden.

Tonight is one of the main sold out shows of the tour, how are you feeling? Excited, panicing?
I’m really really excited, the turn out’s have been great and the energy is really good, the line up’s cool so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gnosis has been out for about 6 months now, how do you think it’s influenced your fanbase and your live turn out?
It’s kinda of hard to say because the EP was released before I joined [Laughs]

Today is the last leg of the UK part of the tour before you head off to Europe, have you enjoyed playing so near home, especially consdering this is London?
It’s cool, a bit nostalgic, but you really just run with it. You’re in a different head space to normal because, obviously we’re in Camden now – I might go shopping or something here, so it doesn’t feel like I am close to home really because I’m still in tour mode. I’m really hungover is what I’m trying to say…

Are you sad at all to be leaving UK and head off for the rest of the tour?
Not really, I mean it’s cool and it alwasy goes out with a bang because I’m always really looking forward to the London date but I am really looking forward to going back to Europe.

You’ve toured in some pretty interesting places recently, if you could tour anywhere new or anywhere again, where would it be and why?
Personally, I’d love you go back to India again. I’m surfe all the other guys would say the same. Definitely Australia, America, those are the first that spring to mind. I do really like playing London shows but we’re trying not to saturate it.

Do you have any preshow rituals?
I’d like to think that I play gutar for half an hour just to warm up but that doesn’t always happen. If we have the luxury of it being warm backstage then that might not happen. Other than that I just don’t drink anything before I go on stage, ever, except for the last day of tour when I’ll go on stage pissed. Apart from that, it’s literally just that I try not to drink any fizzy drinks because I get all jittery. I’m like a toddler!

I appreciate they’re possibley working titles, but you have introduced The Opressor and Higgs Bosson into the set. How have they been recieved so far?
So far people are really liking them. It’s cool becuase one of them is very melodic and, I don’t want to say it’s our “Scarlet” (Periphery), but it’s got that kind of linear, open string and very melodic sound to it. The other one (The Oppressor) is more angry and heavy – there’s a lot of nasty sounds! I try not to watch the videos that are up on youtube of the new songs… I can’t really play them.

There’s a tapping part in one of the new songs that the fanbase say has a very ‘you’ (Olly) vibe and you appear to be very confortable with that part on stage. Is that you and will you be contributing to the writing of the new album?
Well, both me and Browne (John, writer/guitarist) play the tapping part. The only reason I look more at ease with it is because my stage face looks like a happy face, even though it’s not, and Browne’s stage face is a stinky face… So it might look like he’s not having fun, but he’s loving it! The two new songs, I have written a single note for… One of them is about 2 years old and the other one is very recent. I am jamming with Swanny (Adam, bassist) and Mike (Drummer) and immediately when we get back, me and Browne are going to start writing together so it will still be in his kind of format, but you’ll hear a lot more of me.

You recently got an endorsement with Laney Amplification. How are the two Laney Ironheart heads working for you on tour?
I have never owned an amp… and this might just be, for me personally and for Monuments, the best head I have ever played. I can honestly say I really love it. I blieve it’s modelled of a Peavey 5150 which is very popular. Swanny is currently using a Laney Nexus bass head and all together it really sounds like us and I really like how it works and enjoy playing through them… Aswell as having my first ever amp!

Do you have any nasty tour habits or is anyone particularly gross?
-Thinks- Tour habits… Not particularly gross… I mean, Mike farts a lot… Brown’s got a lot of hair… but none of that is particularly gruesome… if you have as much hair as Browne you’re going to need to take a while in the shower! I don’t know about the others but my guys are all pleasant to be around.

Any last words for your fans or any aspiring musicians?