Mono Inc – Nimmermehr by Rhys Heal

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: No-Cut/Alive
Band Website:

Band lineup:
Carl Fornia
Katha Mia
Manuel Antoni
Martin Engler

01 – Heile, Heile Segen
02 – Seligkeit
03 – My Deal With God
04 – Kein Weg Zu Weit
05 – Euthanasia
06 – Alles Was Bleibt
07 – The Clock Ticks On
08 – A Better Way To Die
09 – Herzschlag
10 – Days Like This
11 – Ich Teile Dich Nicht
12 – Nimmermehr

You have to applaud an act for shoving all and everything available in their stylish armory in to the melting pot and concocting something utterly bizarre yet delightfully consistent; Mono Inc are one such act. Nimmermehr is an act of mind-boggling, sound bending that doesn’t just stop at the scattering of bottom heavy guitar lines, frozen bass lines and an abundance of high-pitched vocal accompaniments; it goes as far as carving out almost-pop tracks that would do well in a jam-packed arena filled with dragon gas.

With a virulence that doesn’t stop with the charisma that oozes from opener ‘Heile, Heile Segan,’ this stomp a minute prologue leads the way for chorus heavy ‘Seligkeit’ which has you reaching for your skull-clad hairbrush. Boasting a particularly icey, goth streak, ‘My Deal with God,’ could very well be right at home on a Sister of Mercy B-side with the side order of already popular ‘Euthanasia’ keeping no secrets regarding its idolatry. ‘A Clock Ticks On’ then shamelessly tips it’s hat to all things symphonic metal whilst still keeping it’s keen sense of electronic style with irony setting in the form of ‘A Better Way to Die’ which could very well see the lighters raised in melodic unison.

Nimmermehr really is one of those releases that will have the purists reeling whilst captivating those who crave a bloody good alternative album that covers all the bases. With the art of writing a delectable tune starting to become a thing of yesteryear, it’s a pleasure to hear an act doing it with so much gusto. Mono Inc, you should be proud of this; this is a stonker!