Model Interview – Jessica Giaquinta

Interview by Jo Blackened
Photography by Altercarnated Photography


Hey Jessica and thanks for your time today.
Firstly, you’re originally from Italy. When did you move to London and what made you want to move here?

I arrived in London in September 2015 in order to have new experiences and learn English. I felt as if I had nothing to lose, so I left my country without inductions.


How have you found the London alternative scene?
I really like it! I found it mainly through the Club Slimelight. I started to go by myself but in a short time I made friends.


What’s the best/worst thing about living here?
The best thing I think is the unpredictability, anything can happen. London is a city of many facets in which you can feel free to express yourself. The worst part is that is very expensive and time passes very fast, it’s a city that runs.


When did you start getting into modelling?
I did my first shoot in August 2016, so no that long. I still have a lot to improve on, but I’m determined to succeed in my purpose.

What inspires you when it comes to your hair, make-up and clothing?
It all Started since I was a child, I had a passion for black, witches and the Addams F Growing up I developed a strong passion for Michael Jackson, he was a strong suction point and still my idol, and later it became Marilyn Manson. I can say that I am very versatile in my look, I don’t have one precise style. I love to experiment and find the beauty in all things.


Is modelling something you’ve always wanted to do?
It has always been something I wanted to do, but at the same time I never felt “enough”.


Have you done many shoots?
Just 2 shoots so far! I’m looking forward to doing more.


What do you like most about modelling?
I like the idea of having the opportunity to become part of a project and to be a physical partecipant on it, it gives me a sense of importance and gratification because I am given the opportunity to represent the idea of an artist


Where are your favourite places to model?
I don’t have a favourite one really. I like nature aswell as the city, but I’m interested in the idea of building a set in theme.


You’re quite into body modification and scaring. Can you tell me about this please and how it began?
It’s more than body modification, as I was into self-harm. I spent my childhood in hospitals; physical pain was something that I could not defeat and being forced to live with it. I have tried to extract pleasure from it.


Are there any projects you’d like to shoot in the future?

Oh yes! I too have a lot of ideas and I hope to carry them out one day. I would like to have the opportunity to show my two different personalities (pink/black) divide at start and then merge them together.


How is the public reaction when you shoot outside?
Nothing in particular. Generally people smile at me and then continue on their way.


Apart from modelling, what else do you enjoy doing?
I like drawing and painting. I also like photography and I’ve recently started to practice fire dancing!


Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks for this opportunity!

Thanks again!