Mistress Bea, Discusses – Play piercing

So here we are again trying to decide what delightful tortures we are going to visit on those foolish enough to want to be our slaves.
After weeks of being bombarded with politicians all trying to woo me I have found my mind leaning towards a good guide for those of you who want to stab someone.
I am of course talking about playpiercing but thought I’d see whether or not there is an internet watchdog that will pick up on the words “stab” and “politician” being in the same sentence. Play piercing is one of the most visually stunning and apparently extreme forms of play, often resulting in blood streaming across the skin of your victim as they wriggle and writhe in the grip of endorphine hyped sensations. It also provides the most reward for the least effort and is therefore the logical choice for a lazy cow such as my own good self. Why tire out your arms beating their buttocks and shoulders for hours on end when the same result can be achieved with a dozen or so needles.
Obviously hygiene is of the utmost importance when piercing, you are breaking the skin after all and infection is always going to be a risk. Make sure that you are only using sterile needles ( I favour microlance 21 or 22 gauge, green top and black top) and by sterile I DON’T mean that you have held them over a lighter flame for a few seconds! Always begin by donning your gloves then swabbing the area you are planning on stabbing your victim in and your gloves (you really can’t be too careful with this) I will then often begin by gently stroking the area with one hand as I remove the needles from their wrapping with the other (again clean gloves after this) I often find it comfortable to hold up to 8 of the needles between my lips as my fingers then begin to pluck gently at the intended victim, taking areas of skin between thumb and forefinger and lifting slightly.
I find this works very well at building up tension within your victim as well. When you have got bored of just playing around with them remove a needle from its plastic sheath and slowly trail its cold steel sharpness over their skin until you reach the area that is currently being pinched between your thumb and forefinger. As you reach this hump in their flesh push forward smoothly and the needle should slide through their flesh easily. You are aiming for a shallow piercing of about ½” in length. Once you are happy with how the needle is sitting get another needle and repeat until safeword.
One of the other main concerns with this is needlestick, that awkward moment when you stab your finger on the piercing you have just given someone and now have to work out the best way of telling them you have Hep C. No real advice about this apart from DON’T!!!!

For clear advice on Hep C, visit –

Obviously, or at least I would hope obviously, some areas are considered out of bounds for this kind of thing. Eyelids for example should be avoided when piercing, or indeed when beating or branding but then I am assuming a measure of common sense among you. However just in case I am wrong DO NOT PIERCE EYELIDS!
The effects that can be achieved with playpiercing are limited primarily by your imagination. Often I have created corset effect lacing on peoples backs using just needles and ribbon, or you can glue feathers into the end of the needles for more flamboyant effects.
Come back next time for my guide to how long to leave them in for and how to remove them safely