The Misfits @ O2 Islington Academy

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel

It is a cold chilled night as The Misfits arrive in North London, ready to play in front of a nearly sold out venue.

Who hasn’t been living on earth for the past 30 years and not heard about the horror punk American band The Misfits?! They have made an indelible mark on punk rock, fashion and pop culture in general.

As their support tonight is the London based band Generation Graveyard.

After hearing about them and seeing the guys at different pubs and clubs locally in London,I finally get to see them live and what a performance! Honestly how come this band is still unsigned?

misfits index_clip_image005
Frontman Maximilian Graveyard is excellent, full of energy, and wearing avery cool outfit! Spider,Pete and Phil Roadkill are on guitars and bass and with the heavy pounding of Jonny on drums, as they are giving their own hybrid of dark heavy Rock n Roll and succeed very well in doing so.

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Yes the stage is a tad small due to the enormous drum stand of The Misfits rising up and sideways, invading pretty much all the stage, but it doesn’t stop them having such a presence and delivering a great set.

misfits index_clip_image009
The sound tonight is very good and the crowd very reactive.
Citing bands such as Darkthrone, Amen, Killing Joke and Ministry under their influences, and they are definitely a great band to support tonight!

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I’ve read “They are gaining notoriety with their explosive and violent live shows around the UK”, and it couldn’t be more true.
I am very much looking forward to seeing where this band is heading next.

During the change over, mic stands with skeletons are coming out and the black drape over the drum kit is removed, giving in full view the printed famous Misfits logo.

Sometime ago, Stan Lee made a scary comic book with spooky pics of monsters and dumb captions…then it died. But some meatheads from New Jersey managed to get a hold of one and steal a skull monster for their band.

misfits index_clip_image013
After some manipulation it became the white face skull we all know.

After a long and climatic intro with inches of smoke from the fog machine The Misfits are on and ready for the horror theme night.
misfits index_clip_image015
As the sole remaining member of The Misfits, Jerry Only; wearing his trademark spiky leather jacket, took over lead vocal duties in addition to playing bass guitar and recruited veteran musicians Dez Cadena, former guitarist of Black Flag, as well as Eric “Chupacabra” Arce of Murphy’s Law, who had previously filled in with the band for tours in 2000 and 2001.

They are all dressed to impress, never disappointing the audience….think Darklord meets Madmax!

misfits index_clip_image018_0002
With each song blasting into the next one Jerry Only leaves no time for applause.
They lay a mix of new music and classics from the Graves and Danzig era.

While many early fans hold the Danzig era Misfits as the only “true” Misfits lineup, years have granted longevity to the Only-lead lineups.
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Tribal beats with metal riffs and gratuitous horror-fueled melodrama creates a full blown Misfits glory.

Yes the songs are short (three songs for photos leaves only around five minutes to shoot photos!) as many punk songs but the crowd keeps going and enjoying the gig despite a poor sound quality. This is a setlist of nearly forty songs, including good renditions of famous tracks from a variety of albums.

The Misfits have created a brand and are part of our music history, it is nice to see them live for the first time, and I wish them all the best!

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Setlist:misfits index_clip_image024_0001