MIRRORED IN SECRECY – interview and exclusive streaming of “Autumn Breeze”!

Interview by Graham Hilling, May 2017

The Independent Voice caught up with German gothic metallers Mirrored in Secrecy to discuss life, music and the new album….

Hello David, please tell us a bit about the history of MIRRORED IN SECRECY?

– “Thanks for the opportunity, Graham. I’ve always been a big fan of oldschool Gothic Metal bands like Paradise Lost, Cemetary or Sentenced. When I put this band together from 2003 – 2006 there were less and less of those bands left. So my goal was to establish us in this genre as a modern day alternative.”

Did you keep following that goal or has the style evolved over the years?

– “At the core we’ve always been a Gothic Metal band, but we’ve also added elements from Doom Metal, Dark Rock and even a bit of Alternative Rock to the mix. But no matter how you call it – at the end it’s always deep, melodic music with heavy riffs.”

Your debut has been released via a German record label. Why did you decide to release the second one all by yourself?

– “Since I’m working in the music business for years now, I feel I’m able to do all the stuff on my own. Besides that, MIRRORED IN SECRECY is basically a solo project with changing musicians these days. So I can’t share the expenses with other people. It also gave me the chance to learn more about music promotion.”


You said you’re working in the music business. What exactly are you doing besides having the band?

– “I’ve started as an audio engineer and writer. I’ve worked for German print magazines like LEGACY and SONIC SEDUCER, as well as for some fanzines and blogs. Currently I’m hosting the annual COLOGNE METAL FESTIVAL, which features a mixture between established bands like Accu§er, Disillusion or Pyogenesis and local newcomers. I also did an internship at a record label a few years ago.”

When can people see you performing the new album live?

– “I’m currently putting together a band again, but it’s not so much about playing a lot of gigs. More about cherrypicking the right opportunities, since I have so much other stuff going on and with the other guys it’s basically the same. The main goal has been writing and recording this album and I’m very proud and happy about the result. Give it a listen if you’re into dark / heavy music! Every kind of support is much appreciated.”

Will do! Cheers for talking to us, and best of luck with the new record….