Midnight, Washington DC By Dj Rex

Midnight crashed onto the DC Alternative scene in November 2002. It carried on from where the old Catacomb event left off, held at a space called The Meeting Place on 17th and L Streets.
Scott the promoter recalled “There was a crowd at the door before we officially opened,” Scott has also been quoted as saying – “It was his intention to create an informal and friendly gothic hangout, while trying to add in small things that were missing from other club venues in the area.”
As time carried on Midnight played host to a number of live acts like Bow Ever Down and Dharmata 101, while becoming a popular place for Guest DJ’s to spin, some of these Djs have included, Saint Matthew of Baltimore’s Kommencemen, DJ Danny Red, and DJ Paul Hart, even me on a few occasions, it’s one place I try to hit on every USA trip and I genuinely love playing there. Make sure you get to hear resident Dj Vlad if you ever get the chance and you happen to be in DC, he’s one of the most progressive I’ve ever heard.
Why do I love it so much, well, there is a real family atmosphere at Midnight, all the Djs, the helpers, the bar staff, the security and the promoters seem to be committed to keeping up a friendly atmosphere, a friendly atmosphere that Midnight provides so well. Imagine a gothic/industrial version of Cheers. I want to make special mention at this point of the chief of security Six and his impeccable team of some of the best security I’ve ever encountered. Scott once summed it up by simply saying – “There’s a Good group of people here”
Midnight has a slightly unique format, allowing its clubbers to shop from different local vendors, whilst dancing to a diverse mix of music, at the same time as they socialise with an equally diverse crowd, that takes in some of the original scene veterans with the newbies while they dance together. At Midnight (the time not the club name) there is the announcements about the forthcoming weeks, the general scene and a prize draw that has some highly random prizes.
The diversity of activity and crowd keeps the night fresh and exciting, some of the regular vendors have included Slyx Fashions (http://www.slyx.com) with their stock of latex clothing as well as offering patrons the chance to lie in a rubber bed that is vacuumed sucked around their entire body. Stark Raving Mad, another regular vendor, offers girls the chance to pick up hair barrettes, purses, corsets, and shirts, that will make their clubbing outfits complete. I particularly liked the gothic yard sale that was the stall last time I spun there.
The party vibe is carried on by the rotation of hand selected DJ’s all picked by Scott.

It’s a format that’s hard to argue with, it’s a format that pleases a large crowd and draws them back week in week out, Midnight is a place where people can catch up with friends, meet new ones, pick up new clothes, and dance to some of the finest djs on the scene.