Mesh – A Perfect Solution by Alan Chapman

Out now on Dependant!

Why do people bother with shows like X Factor when we already have great talent in this country and a band like Mesh. These guys are self produced, have intelligent lyric style and the catchiest music around, without having relying on gimmicks!

Ah but this is everything that program is not, every song on here sounds like a hit single not like your ever going to hear them on daytime radio which has always seemed criminal to me.

Mesh have produced another album of pure synth pop genius, lyrics dealing with the breakup of relationships in a way that strikes a chord with all that have gone though this while pulling at your heart strings at the same time.
Just listen to `Who says?` With counter balance vocals of Julia Beyer (Technoir) and Mark singing such `I only take sides if the other one’s you` and `You only make love when I’m not in the room’ must remember these line for my next fight.

Do yourself a favour hunt down one of Britain’s hidden gems before the rest catch onto how good this lot are.