Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/Label: Jolly Rogers Records
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Released: 2015
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Marco Piu-Vocals
Livio Poier-Guitars
Giuseppe Deiana-Bass
Gabriele Maciocco-Drums

  1. Omicron
  2. Opus Alchemicum
  3. Europa
  4. Achilles Paradox
  5. Mechdreamer
  6. A New Beginning
  7. Emphasize

Memento Waltz was originally formed back in 1994 in Tempo Pausania, Sardinia Italy and the quartet of Italian progressive metallers have decided to re-release 2013’s heavily lauded first full release Division By Zero. Their first full album was a great success for the band that-although having released several demos-had only released two EP’s previously and with this rise in popularity the band have teamed up with Jolly Roger Records to gain a larger distribution outlet and spread this album to a wider, more global audience. The album itself will remain in it original format without any additional tracks added, which is a bit of a shame as I will elaborate further on within this review.

This four piece band have an extreme talent for conquering the elaborate with their technical prowess being displayed throughout this album and earlier works. They open the album with ‘Omicron’ and if you haven’t listened to Memento Waltz before then this song will suck you in with such force that it could put that hooker that sucks golf balls through garden hoses to shame. Their style has many varying influences cajoling together, bouncing off each other and coalescing into a highly refined piece of excellent progressive metal. The vocals of vocalist Marco Piu-in the band since 2008-are astronomical in range. He can hit the high falsettos and crush with low growls that will send you running for more calmer seclusion. The main solo in ‘Omicron’ is sensational as is the song as a whole. A Blitzkrieg like pace has been set already and this doesn’t abate through ‘Opus Alchemicum’ either, although there is a more sedate break just after halfway through the second track.


The band has a progressive style that exploits many functions that are becoming quite the norm for many progressive metal outfits, with a lot of tapping sections and low and behold a fretless bass providing that distinct backing flow to the songs. The basslines are quite excellent throughout this album and there is good reason to utilising this variation of tool as you will hear when the solo section in ‘Europa’ comes on. Exemplary in so many ways, Memento Waltz keep the tempo up with ‘Achilles Paradox’ which provides a mighty combination of tapping sections on both bass and guitar that really propel the song beyond the outer reaches of conventional limitations, it almost feels a bit like technical overload but without the lapse of concentration experienced. This style continues on through ‘Mechdreamer’ which also adds a more oriental twist through the early guitar parts. Inciteful and more diverse ‘Mechdreamer’ is split between a faster paced beginning and an atmospheric break that brings more electronic sounds into play before building back to a heavier finish. The final guitar solo is otherworldly as we reach towards the end of this enigmatic album.

The penultimate track ‘A New Beginning’ is softer in feel but has plenty of fine instrumentation on offer with more eccentric vocal parts provided by Marco Piu. An unexpectedly more sedate song that builds to the conclusion of the album as the final track ‘Emphasize’ beckons us towards the end. ‘Emphasize’ is one of the standout songs on the album in terms of heaviness and technical structure. A great end to a great album, one that has so much on offer that perfectly illustrate why this album was chosen to be released again. Now in their 21st year and with a settled line up the band can move forward and produce many more examples of highly enjoyable music. Each band member exhibits their talents throughout this album to the point making a spectacle and this is exactly what their end product is. Let us all look forward to many more on behalf of this band.