Members of WORMREICH involved in tour van crash – two killed, one in critical condition!

It is with heavy hearts that the staff of Moribund Records confirms that two members of Moribund recording artists Wormreich have been killed in a van crash early this morning while on tour, and one member remains in critical condition.

Wormreich were in the midst of a North American tour with comrades Kult ov Azazel and Khaotika, driving southbound along I-85 in northeast Georgia when the driver of the 15-passenger van apparently fell asleep and the van veered off the highway, striking a tree on the passenger side. In the wreck, Wormreich guitarist Ian Andrew McKinney (AKA Nazgul Vathran) and bassist Paul Truesdell were killed, while drummer Christopher P. Pezzano (AKA Profana) was seriously injured and remains in critical condition, requiring surgery.


A Facebook statement from Wormreich founder/vocalist/guitarist Christopher Earl Pyle (AKA Vulk) reads:
“This morning I lost my brother and best friend, along with two awesome people that I was lucky to have even known for a short while. Two of my other brothers remain in critical condition. Somehow I was spared with only superficial wounds and a dislocated shoulder. This is not the end of Wormreich. It’s always been my vision, but more importantly, it is for those whom I have lost today that it MUST continue. Please send healing energy to the members of Wormreich, Khaotika, and their families. Ave.”
Wormreich released Wormcult Revelations last year on Moribund Records. The entire staff of Moribund sends their deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of Wormreich as well as those of Kult ov Azazel and Khaotika.