Megadeth + Lamb of God @ Wembley Arena, London

14th November 2015
Review by Joanna Wilson

The anticipation for tonight’s gig is shrouded in thoughts of the previous evenings events in Paris, with the Wembley Stadium next door showing blue, white and red lights. Security is tight but organized, with queues for the merch stalls filling the hall. The crowd is a good size and the beer is flowing, we are in for an epic evening of music.

Megath @ Wembley Areana

Sylosis opened tonight’s show with a powerful force, gaining the crowds attention almost instantly. The circle pit is warming up, with Josh Middleton asking for a wall of death that is delivered. Their set was tight with Josh and Axle Bailey showing off some impressive guitar skills between them, “Mercy” and “Servitude” (the Pantera style chunky riffs get me every time) from 2015’s “Dormant Heart” go down a storm. Mixed with Ali Richardson’s drumming and Carl Parnell bass, Sylosis deliver the perfect set, which I’m sure will of gained them some new fans.

Next up we have Finland’s Children of Bodom who kick it out straight from the opening guitar lick, Alexi Laiho runs around the stage with a more energy than I have seen for a long time. His new found tour sobriety is working for him, however it cannot be said for the rest of the band who never seem to get out of the starting block. Their sound is good and classics like “Hate Me!” and “In Your Face” go down a storm. “Morrigan” from 2015’s “I Worship Chaos” has not got the catchiness of CoB’s usual tunes and fails to keep the crowd. Janne Wirman and Alexi’s usual playfulness is there, but not to its usual extent. “Downfall” closed their short set, which left me feeling a little disappointed. I know they can do better!

Tonight’s crowd is full of Lamb of God t-shirts and you can’t help but feel they will steal the show, with LoG chants during the stage set up. The lights go down and the tension in the room is electric, as Chris Adler appears behind the drums the crowd roars, followed by the rest of the band. “Walk with Me in Hell” opens to a thunder of cheers as the Wembley Arena crowd goes mental. The pit opens up and stays active most of the set, with Lamb of God giving it their all. Randy Blythe patrols the stage like a man possessed, running and jumping around. All the classics are present “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For”, “Ghost Walking” and “Set to Fail” mixed in with new tracks from 2015’s “VII Sturm Und Drang”. “512” is dedicated to the Paris La Batacla victims, with Randy summing it up “What happened makes me sad, it makes me cry, and it makes me angry. But it will not make me afraid, and it will not make me hate”.

Mark Morton and Will Adler show why they are a force to be reckoned with on stage, showing some superb guitar skills. The sound is perfect; John Campbell’s bass is on point complimented with Chris’ drums. They look happy to be there and are over whelmed by the crowd’s response. “Ruin” is dedicated to the late Ronnie James Dio as last time Lamb of God played Wembley Arena it was on the Heaven and Hell tour. No Lamb of God set is complete without “Redneck” that has the mosh pit
up in arms, running around and singing. Finishing with “Black Label” Randy thanks the crowd, who have given the band their blood sweat and tears. This was a headlining performance from the boys from Richmond Virginia.

A little later than planned Megadeth take to the stage, with Chris Adler playing his second set of the night. They open with the usual “Hanger 18” and the video screens play in unison. However the set is bogged down with reverb from the bass drum, I found the best sound was at the back in front of the bar.

Dave’s vocals are either suffering or the mic level was poor, I could not work out which. Sound problems aside, the crowd are with them and enjoying the set singing along to everything. David Ellefson’s guitar solos shined brightly tonight, with Chris adding some new power to Megadeth classics like “Sweating Bullets”, “Dawn Patrol” and “Tornado of Souls”. Dave introduces us to new track “Fatal Illusion” from next year’s eagerly awaited “Dystopia”, I’m a little unsure so far as to what to expect from the album and this songs does not give anything away. I’ll wait and see.

“Trust” from 1997’s “Cryptic Writings goes down a storm with the crowd singing, Chris’ drum solo at the beginning added a great intensity. Straight into “Skin O’ My Teeth” and followed by “Symphony of Destruction” the sound does get better but only as the evening draws to a close unfortunately. A rendition of “La Marseillaise” (French national anthem) is played in tribute and we end with “Holy Wars”. Megadeth are a true headlining act, but tonight Lamb of God stole the show. Dave will never
let this stop him and Megadeth though, they just need to fix the sound problems quicker (or get it right in the first place!).


  1. Hangar 18
  2. Wake Up Dead
  3. In My Darkest Hour
  4. Sweating Bullets
  5. Dawn Patrol
  6. Poison Was the Cure
  7. Tornado of Souls
  8. Fatal Illusion
  9. Trust
  10. Skin o’ My Teeth
  11. Symphony of Destruction
  12. Peace Sells
  13. La Marseillaise (French national anthem)
  14. Holy Wars… The Punishment Due