Medeia – Iconoclastic by Bear Stollar

Rating:     4/5
Distributor/label: Fullsteam Records
Released: 2013
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[ALBUM] [Bear Stollar ] Medeia - IconoclasticBand line-up:

Keijo Niinimaa: Lead Vocals
Samuli Peltola: Guitar, Vocals
Laura Dziadulewicz: Piano, Synth, Vocals
Samuli Kuusinen: Bass, Vocals
Janne Putkisaari: Drums, Vocals
Pekko Mörö: Live Guitar


1.    Iconoclastic
2.    A Waste of skin
3.    Sleep
4.    Dethroned
5.    The Dominant species
6.    Prophecy
7.    Loyalty Kills
8.    Misery Prevails
9.    Reverence
10.    Redefining Hell


Medeia are a Alternative Death Metal band from Finland, signed to Fullsteam Records.

After hearing this album, my personal opinion is; these guys have a hard driving sound for the masses to Love.
The chops and rhythms kept me going and I listened to each song 2 or 3 times in one day and I caught myself singing them the next day.

I would recommend that anyone with the Love of a great Metal band, should buy this album for their collection.
I feel lucky enough to be one of the reviewers and will defiantly be buying the rest of this bands artistic works.

Thank You!