MAYHEM – Atavistic Black Disorder/ Kommando

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Century Media 
Released: 2021
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Band line-up:

Necrobutcher – Bass
Hellhammer – Drums
Attila – Vocals
Teloch – Guitars
Ghul – Guitars


1. Voces Ab Alta
2. Black Glass Communion
3. Everlasting Dying Flame
4. In Defense Of Our Future (Cover Version)
5. Hellnation (Cover Version)
6. Only Death (Cover Version)
7. Commando (Cover Version)





The legendary Norwegian Black Metal unit Mayhem which was sent on the sudden vacation with the start of the COVID pandemic, is resilient to sit back in the shadows even during the hard times. Despite band members making jokes that the stopping of the Daemon tour gave them the first vacation since 1996, Mayhem just couldn’t leave to rest without saying their word. Their new EP Atavistic Black Disorder/ Kommando is ready to dismantle the sadness of isolation with some good metal and punk music. Collecting their extra materials from the recording of Daemon (including four punk covers), Mayhem set up a mind-blowing blast of exhilaration. We only can thank the universe that they happened to have some extra recording days while making the Daemon record, because the band didn’t plan to make any new songs until the end of their tour – but now we are blessed with some good new music.

The first part of the EP consists of three non-album cuts from the “Daemon” sessions – Black Glass Communion, Everlasting Dying Flame and the previously unreleased Voces Ab Alta. All of them can be presented as wonderful examples of Mayhem’s style for sure. Brutality, menace and madness of the ideas are matching up with smoothness of composition and performing perfectly. This is what can be called an indeed iconic skill and manner. I especially enjoyed listening to Everlasting Dying Flame with its marvellously written transitions, genius bridges and harmonious vocals. The combination of gloomy guitar sound by Teloch&Ghul and the intense, chaotic Hellhammer’s drumming creates the image of a heart racing in panic – and it rarely feels as true as Mayhem did it. It’s just a non-stop Armageddon.

The second part of the EP is an invigorating flurry of a four scintillating punk rock covers. As Ghul said, band members often find themselves messing around with cover songs at rehearsals and sound-checks, so they considered it a good idea to record some and document that aspect of them as a band. This is a powerful reminder that any art – would it be music, or painting, or whatever else, is supposed to be fun – and it’s the primary reason to do it. The buzz of just entertaining and having a blast from playing together is a vital thing for a band, and who knows that better than a band that exists for a good four decades. Although, all members of Mayhem clearly understand that punk rock and hardcore have always had a big impact on black metal, as well as on other extreme music genres. That’s why they chose their most favorite riotous and wild tracks by Dead Kennedys (Hellnation), Discharge (In Defense of Our Future), Rudimentary Peni (Only Death) and, of course, Ramones (Commando). All the covers themselves are extraordinary great. I couldn’t even a pick a favourite one. The choice of songs and the manner how Mayhem implemented their own style in them is immaculate. Vivid, dynamic melodies, iconic riffs and awesome vocals – those songs are a breath of fresh air. And fresh air is what we all need in hot summers and hard times, which means – now. So everyone from a huge fan base of Mayhem can quench their trust a little, and wait to hopefully get a new full-length from them in 2023/2024.

Review by Svetlana Likhacheva