Matubes- The Return of Black Metal

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label:  Distributor of Pain
Released: 2015
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Band Line up:

S – vocals/bass
Temeurt – guitar/backing vocals
D – guitar
Hrasate – drums/guitar/backing Vocals


1. War Song
2. Left Hand Path
3. Drink the Poison Blood


Black metal band MATUBES hail from Bulgaria and seem to be hitting up a storm with their latest three tracker,  ‘The Return of Black Metal’ which was released on the 28th of September 2015 by Distributor of Pain. However, the EP will be be re-released through AMAdea Music – Digital Distributor on the 16th of February 2016. After the success and feedback of ‘The Return of Black Metal’, MATUBES are currently working on first full length album which I am sure will be much anticipated by the already enthralled fans out there.

The fearsome ensemble of MATUBES consists of the talented Hrasate on drums, guitar and backing vocals, the brutal Temeurt, joining on the backing vocals and guitar and lastly the menacing S, creating crushing vocals and slamming bass. Recently on their journey of Mayhem, the band joined forces with D on guitar who ended up being fundamental to the band and what was yet to be created in the form of manic, crazed black metal with a hint of classic themes.

‘The Return of Black Metal’ starts with opening track, ‘War Song’, and it begins by throwing you in the deep end and smacks you in the face with mighty roars that lead into a rather catchy intertwining of instruments that create a pace that you can’t help but head bang too. During ‘War Song’ the melodic ambient conversation between guitar, bass and drums is perfectly executed in a skilful manner that draws you in and commands full attention, whilst you are mesmerised by the manically harsh vocals. This is an interesting start to the album and definitely grabbed my attention to be intrigued with what could be next.

Next on the album is ‘Left Hand Path’, which starts with a rather catchy tempo and beat that you instantly start to want to head bang to. The vocals that soon follow seem almost less harsh than in War Song, however I am sure this will change soon. The song then accelerates into a quick pace of mayhem and chaos alongside darker roars of venomous vocals. Another thing I notice is that they definitely have a classic black metal feel about them due to the repetitive yet crisp instrumental style that seem to fit perfectly behind the vocals.

Finally we hit the last song, ‘The Return of Black Metal, Drink the Poison Blood’. Again this track is different to its brothers, it hits you with an escalating spiral of tasty yet harsh guitar riffs which then punches you in the gut with a mighty colossal roar. The core of the song is very catchy and flows in a strangely sadistic and merciless manner that’s rather enjoyable. The haunting vocals are joined with cries of the backing singers in a melodic way that intertwines perfectly and adds a new depth compared to the rest of the album. I actually feel this is my favourite song from the album and wouldn’t be surprised if it is too many others.

For a band to name their album ‘The Return of Black Metal’ you think they’d have to be pretty confident, and from listening to their 3 tracks that only make up 11 minutes its strangely understandable due to the classic tones and themes, typical of the black metal genre, that shine through. It’s intriguing that they have dug up the original roots that created black metal and yet manage to still seem unique and original, which to me is pretty skillful in itself. Overall, ‘The Return of Black Metal’ is definitely good head banging material as I caught myself doing it off guard without realising, and this is a band that I’m intrigued to see what they do next.

Review by Alexis Evans