MaterDea – New Single Online

Italian Folk/Pagan Metal Band MaterDea will released their new album called “A Rose For Egeria” via Midsummer’s Eve on 1 May 2014. MaterDea First single off new album, “Beyond the Painting” is now available for streaming on SoundCloud –

The third album of the Italian band is marked out by a new musical expression and a more powerful sound rich of technical refinements although maintaining the flourished melodies for which MaterDea’s audience is used to be known. The album has been mixed by Marco Strega at Domus de Janas Studio and mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila.

01. Beyond the Painting
02. Tàlagor of the Storms
03. Whispers of the Great Mother
04. Merlin and the Unicorn
05. A Rose for Egeria
06. An Unexpected Guest
07. Land of Wonder
08. Altars of Secrets
09. Prelude to the Rush
10. Running all Night with the Wind
11. Haerelneth’s Journey 

MaterDea Line-Up:
Simon Papa – Voice Marco Strega – Guitars & Vocals Elena Crolle – Piano, Keyboards, Vocals Elisabetta Bosio – Fiddle, Viola and Double Bass Morgan De Virgilis – Bass Cosimo De Nola – Drums

MaterDea Biography:

MaterDea was born out of the collaboration between Simon Papa and Marco Strega in 2008. Since the release of their first album they created a sound with a strong rock structure perfectly blended with mystical and dreaming atmospheres where the voices, fiddle and keyboards graciously draw melodic lines on a powerful rhythmic session.

The perfect synergy between male and female, stage costumes, instruments, musical atmosphere and vocal weavings help make the show unique and enchanting. On their first album “Below the Mists, Above the Brambles” (Capogiro Records -2009) the accordionist John Whelan appears as a special guest on the beautiful ballad “Another trip to Skye” reinterpreted here with original lyrics written by MaterDea. From this track they also produced their first videoclip.

In November 2011 the band released the second album “Satyricon” (Midsummer’s Eve 2011) producing also their new videoclip “Lady of Inverness”. Satyricon gained many beautiful reviews from both Europe and USA. Between 2011 and 2012 the band had the opportunity to play in important international festivals like Pipes and Drums Celtic Festival in Geneve, (Switzerland), Fosch Fest (IT), Triskell Festival (IT), Tarvisium Celtica (IT), Insubria Festival (IT), Beltane Festival (IT), Celtic Days Festival (IT) and Female & Folk Fest (IT).

In the fall of 2012 MaterDea started to work at their third album, “A Rose for Egeria”, that has been completed in January 2014. With such pieces like “Another Trip to Skye” and “Fairy of the Moor” MaterDea was placed at the first positions in international podcasts like Celtic Radio (Scotland) – Radio Aena (Germany) – ImRadio (Illinoise) – Irfc Radio (Ireland) – Pagan Fm (England) – Radio Schlag-Fertig (Germany) – Underground City Radio (Belgium) – Kzum Radio (Nebraska) – All Irish Radio (Ireland) – Radio Zygomar (France) – Power of Prog (Florida) and at the beginning of both 2010 and 2012 MaterDea has been posted as “Spotlight Artist” during one month on Pagan Radio Network (California).