Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Eagle Two Records
Released: 10/11/2014
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MDM pr1       Track Listing
  1.  Siege Mentality
  2.  Influence And Persuasion
  3.  Reprisal
  4.  Sentient
  5.  Impera
  6.  Gravity Breaks
  7.  Kyo
  8.  Suffer Unto Me
  9.  Hollow Shore

When you hear the label ‘prog rock’ there’s often the immediate assumption that you’re about to be assaulted by something either very complex or outwardly dull.  This isn’t because there aren’t any good prog bands out there, it’s because there are some bad bands that have hijacked the term to cover their shortcomings.  Martyr De Mona are not any of the above.  What they are first and foremost is a damn fine rock act that tread along the border with all out metal.  Their prog heart beats hard, it also beats to a rhythm that any rock fan can enjoy.

Latest album ‘Impera’ sees the Stourbridge quartet take yet another large step forward with the quality writing and inevitable experimentation always fitting within the boundaries of the content.  If aspiring bands want to know how to try new stuff and keep regular fans onside then they could do worse than give ‘Impera’ a spin.  There’s some lovely moments on this album, the beautiful timing on the near dreamy ‘Reprisal’ and the sheer headbanging joy of ‘Influence And Persuasion’ are at opposite ends of the MDM loud table but both are written with great skill and thought.

There’s not really much to cry foul over at all.  Once or twice you get the feeling you’ve heard something before like on ‘Kyo’ which sounds more standard than outstanding.  The vocals too are a tad flat here and there, not technically squished, it’s just that they merge into the music.  These are minor points on what is an excellent piece of work though.  ‘Impera’ shows the way in forging a path without forgetting to entertain while doing it.  Prog rock it seems can have its cake and eat it.

Review by  Gary Trueman