Marnie Scarlet Interview by Jo Blackened

Marnie Scarlet

Interview and photography by Jo BlackenedAltercarnated Photography

MUA – John Carey
Carey Creations

Jewellery – Prong Jewellery

Marnie Scarlet is well known in London for her Diva style acts of Fetishism cabaret and is renowned for her fabulously larger-than-life latex outfits and twistedly deviant shows.

She combines aspects of Fetish with a performance Art and mixes in a little Burlesque and a touch of Cabaret to all her works. Marnie creates all aspects of her show including her outfits and props, favouring raunchy rubber and latex.

Her acts have included the likes of poison Ivy and Voodoo apocalypse and she incorporates live body piercing and fire to her shows.

Marnie had performed all over the world at Fetish and cabaret events, her style appealing both to Fetish and cabaret audiences.

From SMack! In New York to Torture Garden and Club Anti-Christ in the UK and even the Cannes Film festival!

By day Marnie Scarlet is a valued member of the Libidex team, helping with the design and pattern cutting of the collections (alongside Simon Rose)

I have had the pleasure of booking Marnie afew times over the years for photoshoots and I have seen her perform in London and I am always impressed by her creative style aswell as her impressive outfits, so I was honoured she was able to take afew minutes out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us!

Hey Marnie, thanks for joining us today. How are you today & how has the new year been for you so far?

I am good to today, a bit frazzled from a long flight back from Tel Aviv, but the new year has been treating me kind so far!

You have recently just come back into the UK, where have you just performed?

I did just come back from Tel Aviv in Israel where I performed for a big private fetish event, it was fab. I have also recently been to Greece, Italy Holland and Switzerland!

You perform all over the world. Where has been your favourite show to date and why?

Ohh damn that is hard to say, they are all so different. Wasteland is Massive and you get a crowd of 3000+ cheering you on, at other events there may be 200 very enthusiastic people which is just as good in a different way. In Greece they were very quiet during the show but showed lots of appreciation after the show.

We have worked together in the past for photoshoots. What do you prefer? The modelling or performing?

I love both I guess, they are hard to compere. I am not really a model as I rarely wear stuff by others, so I guess I would have to say performing as modelling is an extension of that for me. It is performing in front of a camera. Stuff I show off in front of the camera is often stuff that relates to my shows.

How did you get into modelling and performing?

I have worked in the fetish scene since I was 18. So back then I started doing the odd fetish modelling shows, than later for companies I worked for such as Skin Two and Inner Sanctum. I helped put the fashion shows together and now working in Libidex, I am part of putting fashion shows together and they are often a bit like cabaret scenes.


Do you have a favourite act?

Ohh I do love doing all my acts, but my favourites would have to be ‘RubberDolly’ and ‘Asylum’, I always have a ball with these!

You are very well known for your strong image. Do you do all your make-up yourself?

Most of the time I do my own make-up and make-up for shows always! The only other people who have done my make-up (aside from during London fashion week)  have been John Carey and Mark English two very talented individuals I am proud to call my friends.

Where do you come up with your ideas & where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, Art in the streets, History, silly TV shows like Mythbusters, books magazines and pop culture. It generally hits like a bolt out of the blue.

If you could model/perform for anyone, who would it be?

The entire cast of the Muppets!

Do you design all of your own outfits and props?

I do indeed! I love making them and often as I make them the act forms and changes and comes together, I do use accessories by Prong jewellery sometimes!

What performances/shows do you have coming up this year?

I am Off to Rome in two weeks, follow by Amsterdam, Croatia and Berlin!


If you could perform anywhere, where would it be?

San Francisco, I cannot wait to go there!

How do you prepare for your shows, do you have any rituals you need to do beforehand?

I make sure I have plenty of time, I don’t have any particular rituals but I do try to quietly focus a few minutes before on the routine.

Do you have any funny stories or embarrassing moments while performing?

I don’t have any real cool embarrassing stories. Ohh my music cut out once or twice and a wig got stuck here and there but nothing spectacular. (I have said it now, so this weekend I will have a roll of toilet paper stuck in my knickers or something hahahaha)

Have you had any professional training for your shows, or are you self-taught?

I had theatre training when I was young, but finished when I was 21, and some dance classes. I have learned a lot from watching and trying things out. Even if certain acts are not your style, it is still good to watch them carefully as there is a lot to be learned from each other such as presentation movement etc

What are your views towards the industry is there anything you would like to change?

The industry has treated me very well, I am very proud to be part of it. I don’t think I would change anything!


What advice would you give anyone wanting to start out?

Know your strengths and weaknesses and work on those. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid to fail on occasion and to learn from those failures and don’t be discouraged and if at first people say no, preserve.

Do you have a website where people can see your work?

Oddly enough I have not really needed a website so I have been slow to develop one, but I am working on it this year, I promise!

I have got a very good Facebook page though;


Many thanks Marnie!

Thank you!