Marnie Scarlet – Bio & Interview by Jo Blackened

Marnie Scarlet is a Fabulous Performance Artist and Fetish Wear designer based in London UK.
She mixes Fetish with burlesque and Performance Art into all her shows, she makes all her own costumes and props and loves to create amazing eye-catching!
She has performed in the UK Fetish scene for many years such as Club Anti-Christ and Torture Garden aswell as various places around the World including NYC, the Cannes film festival!
Marnie, you are one busy lady!
Thanks for taking the time out to for an interview!

Which came first the modelling or the performing?
I started off Modelling on the alternative and fetish scene. I would also help putting fashion shows together for the various fetish companies I have worked for.

How long have you been modelling & performing & at what age did u start?
I started modelling when I was just 18. I started putting fashion shows and acts together in my early twenties.
My own solo shows I have been doing for coming up 4 years now!
It has been brilliant!!

Which are your favourite themes when performing?
I like Angsty and slightly creepy themes mixed in with abit of humour at the end. I like snogging the Dark Side hahahaha

Where do you come up with your ideas & where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from History, Pop Culture, the absurdity of Life and the Madness of Time, sometimes just the random stuff that floats around in my head.

You design all your own outfits, including your props, that’s pretty impressive!
Do you have a shop based in London where people can purchase your amazing designs?
I work for Libidex and the shop Liberation in Covent Garden stocks our merchandise.
The clothes are not as elaborate as what I wear though hahahaha

You have performed in many various places, where has been your most favourite to date?
No real favourite! It would be comparing apples with pears hahaha. I have been fortunate and have had few if any bad experiences!!!

Do you have many performances planned this year?
The diary is pretty full indeed! I have already got double bookings for December… An excellent year!!
Torture Garden ahead, Club Anti-Christ on the 24th of June, Heresy and Heelz, SupperClub, The Secret RendezVous and the list goes on! hahahaha

What preparations do you have before going on stage; do you ever get stage fright?
I try to get to the venue on time so I don’t have to stress too much
A little nerves is good, keeps it exciting, too much can make you stumble!
Do you have any funny stories regarding your performances, has anything ever gone wrong?
During my Big Bad Ass Balloon act, the Huge 5 foot balloon popped halfway instead of at the end, so I had to Bad Ass it on my own for the second half hahaha got some bookings out of it so can’t have been too bad!
Also my music cut once halfway through, again you gotta make that work, even if that means shouting at the DJ!!

You love to use burlesque style and large feathers with the twist of fetish in your shows, have you ever had any professional training?
I have had no professional dance training, but have picked up tips and advice along the way.
I have watched and rehearsed a lot with an awful lot of rehearsing for my dance pieces. I watch myself back too!
I have done theatre school when I was a kid and even though a while back, that still helps. I did movement classes then too.
Do you have a website or contact info where you can be booked?
I can be booked at or contacted on
(I have a page on FB too, please ‘like’ it!! Ohhh and Twitter of course!!! 😉

Thank you so much for your time!

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Photos by: Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography