Mark Lanegan Band – No Bells on Sunday [EP] by Mark Hunter

Rating  0/5
Band Name: Mark Lanegan Band
Album Name: No Bells on Sunday [EP]
Distributor/Label: Flooded Soil/Heavenly Recordings
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Released: 2014

No Bells on SundayBand Line-up:

Mark lenagan – Guitar and Vocals

Track Listing:

1 – Dry Iced
2 – No Bells On Sunday
3 – Sad Lover
4 – Jonas Pap
5 – Smokestack Magic


‘No Bells on Sunday’ is the prelude to the forthcoming album, ‘Phantom Radio’, from industry veteran Mark Lanegan. All the songs on this EP were written during the same period as the album, however Mark deemed these tracks “too goofy” to fit on the album. Let’s just say he isn’t too far off the mark there.

Sadly this is one of the worst records I have listened to in a very long time, which is disappointing considering the talent behind it. Having featured in legendary bands like Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan certainly has the pedigree and the talent. Where did he leave it all on this one?

Opening track “Dry Iced” sounds like that horribly repetitive background music you get during a nightclub scene in the movies. What sounded like the intro to the first track just keeps going and going for six god-awful minutes.
Track three, “Sad Lover”, sees some pace injected and is probably the only track I can stand to listen to on the EP. However as it fades out so do my hopes of this getting any better as we come to far and away the worst of the bunch, “Jonas Pap”. Let’s just repeat the name ‘Jonas Pap’ over and over again and try to think of words that rhyme with Pap shall we? I can think of one right now…

The EP ends with “Smokestack Magic”, another repetitive and long mind numbing barrage of crap, oh yeah that was the word i was looknig for, that builds to a terrible conclusion. You know, just to make sure that I really don’t like any of this ‘experience’.

The worst thing about this EP, is that I listened to it twice. The best thing about it is that I can now delete it and move on.

I read somewhere that whist recording one of his earlier solo albums, Mark was so unhappy that he was going to throw it in a lake only to be stopped by his producer. This, I am afraid, is one that belongs at the bottom of the lake!

Review By Mark Hunter