Malefice – Awaken the Tides by Matt Seddon

As well as winning the prize for the best facial hair in metal, Malefice also deserve an award for being one of the best bands to grace the modern metal scene. With every album we have seen these reading based thunder storm, and as amazing last album Dawn of Reprisal was – there new album, the almighty, all powerful Awaken the Tides seems to shit all over all previous Malefice albums.

Taking a more melodic approach to the new record was a risking move to make for the band, this but this change has most definitely pulled off for them, meaning that the metal world can be blessed with some of the finest songs so far in 2011!

Even though Malefice have gone for a more metalcore approach to their songs with Awaken the Tides, this mellowing in the chorus has given the fans insane anthems like ‘Delirium’, ‘Baying for Blood’ and ‘Flood of Red’ which will definitely rise from any Malefice mosh pit, no matter how much these new breed of aggressive songs makes the metal head blood boil.

With their last effort Malefice went for a very charging and super heavy approach to the music, but with Awaken the Tides; there seems to be a sense of purpose and meaning behind the softer vocals and catchier melody lines present in the mix.

You may be saying: “Now the music’s gone softer, how the hell am I meant to mosh pit, bang my head, and drink about five pints to Malefice’s booming, crunchy goodness!” Well, I would have to say the music to back up Dale Butler’s change in vocals style is still as BRUTAL as ever!

Meaning that Ben Symons and Alex Vuskans, shredding guitar riffs are just as heavy as ever, and when you are backed up with an insanely quick rhythm section, you feel like Malefice have just ran you over with a steam roller!

Malefice are basically the heaviest band of 2011, and with Awaken the Tides we have nine out of the ten tracks, which could be used in any Malefice set to get any crowd moving at 100MPH! But, what about the other track you say? Well the final track on this album is an amazing track which consists of four minutes of pure acoustic guitar beauty.

‘The Haunting’ starts off as your typical Malefice punch up fest, and then from out of nowhere everything calms down and the listener is thrown into a world of serenity where the listener can finish the album with the best classical guitar line in the universe.

Malefice should be giants by now and with Awaken the Times we will hopefully see Malefice in the godly light they deserve to be in. With amazing songs, and Dale’s very diverse voice, this new album has to be one of the best albums of this year. Can’t wait for the next one!