Madam Claire talks about Podophilia

The question that caught my attention this month was all about Podophilia.

Podophilia – or a foot fetish, to give it the more widely used name, is a pronounced sexual interest in feet and footwear. It tends towards men liking womens feet, though can be found in the reverse. There are many thing that foot fetishists love about feet, mainly; shape, size, toenail length, toenail colour and shape, high arches, low arches, stockinged, sock clad, shoe clad or barefeet. Jewellery can always play a huge part in foot fetish, ankle bracelets, toe rings etc.

So, how do you make a foot fetish more fulfilling? I’ve come up with a few ways you can experiment (if not already entranced by it and heighten the pleasure for the recieving party.

1) Find a willing partner
A willing partner is of course, a must. A Mistress, Master or partner that enjoys receiving attention to their feet are not hard to find. Try to make mental notes of what attracted you to their feet… Was it the high arch and darkly painted toenails? Was it the suckable toes and lickable heels and ankles? Focus on these points. Make sure you find out what it is that the recipient likes the most, to make the session more pleasurable for both.

2) Attention to detail
Gently wash your partners feet, but make sure you have all the items you need to hand, then you wont disrupt yourselves. Pay special attention to the toes. Do they like having their feet mositurised? If so, invest in some moisturisers that will make your partner tremble. Massage the cream into their feet, taking care that you stroke and caress every inch of them.

3) Shoes
Sexy boots and shoes can make all the difference to a foot fetishist. Take your partner shopping, and buy them something 6″ high and fabulous . and hey, after a long night at a club having that footwear worshipped, who better to rub down the feet wearing those shoes than person who purchased them for her? A woman who feels sexy is a happy woman. ;p

4) Experiment
Experiment with toe penetration. Many foot fetishists enjoy the process of penetrating the vagina or anus with toes. As sexual behavior goes, it’s relatively safe and easy, but it might be a good idea to have some lubricant on hand.

5) Clubs
How about visiting a bondage club. There’s a certain overlap between foot fetishists and those interested in the broader fantasy of bondage and submission role-play (or BDSM). Since groveling at a sexually dominant partner’s feet is a common element of BDSM play, this could be a good way to get some up close and personal time with a very sexy pair of feet.

6) The Internet
Look at foot fetish material online. The Internet is a great place to explore any sexual fantasies privately. A treasure trove of sexy foot pictures, movies and stories is just a few mouse clicks away.

If any of this helped you in any way and want to hear more? Or you want to know more about how to fulfill your partner? Or if you have any question you dare not ask anyone else . Then think of me!!

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