Luthor – Circles End by Gavin Lowrey

Rating – 3.5/5
Distributor/Label – CDBaby
Released – 12th May 2014
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Band Line up

Dean Burgess (Vocals/Guitar)
Chris Withers (Bass)
Various guests on all other instruments

Track listing

1. Mother Sea
2. Skyweaver
3. Blashemy
4. Circles End
5. Blood Lust
6. Rain
7. Evil Eye
8. I Am
9. Always



The Circles End album by Luthor is a labour of love for its founding members Chris Withers and Dean Burgess who have overcome problems with their original record label and various personnel changes since the original “Skyweaver” demo was put down over 10 years ago in 2014

As the band say, they are “Old School Heavy Metal” with a modern twist, borrowing from the likes of Sabbath, Maiden and Judas Priest, however I kind of see them as portraying a kind of Manowar presence in their recordings which comes across in their of epic nature. With powerful vocals from Burgess (with a hint of Serj Tankian) and a choppy riff give the album a great start with the title track “Circles End” before the quicker and slightly haunting “Blasphemy” takes over

“Blood Lust” is again a quicker song with a big Queensrychey (is that a real word?) edge to it which stretches Burgess vocally more than any track on the album

My favourite track “Skyweaver” is a double kick & lead guitar opus that really shows what the band can do, with the heavy riff really getting both the foot and head going

“Mother Sea” as it is more lighter track that you could find on say a Dokken album (not a bad thing) which leads onto “I Am” which contains the most creative guitar solo on the album as well as some catchy  harmony vocals, giving it a very epic feel

For “Evil Eye” read “South of Heaven with better vocals” before the obligatory one acoustic intro per album of “Rain” gives way to real catchy folky track that gives respite before the album is finished off in style with the epic “Always” that has a really killer riff and vocals to match

On the whole this is a good album, but the real test would be to see if Luthor can replicate live what they have put down in the studio. If I was a betting man, I’d say yes, although if someone wants to pay for my flight to Australia, I’ll happily like to prove my theory right!

If you like Manowar, Priest or Queensryche with a thrashy edge, go out and buy this one as you won’t be disappointed!

Review by Gavin Lowrey