Lure The Chaos – The Raven [EP] by Lee Carter

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2014
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Lure The Chaos The Raven EPBand line-up:

Ivsian Piñeiro – Vocals
Edgardo Nieves – Vocals
Alberic Nieves – Guitar
Gian Archilla – Guitar
Bryan Rios – Drums
Omar Garcia – Bass

Track Listing:

1. Cleansing Necromancy
2. The Raven
3. Breed The Hate
4. Miseria


Deathcore has unfairly been tarred with the tag of this decade’s “nu-metal”. Such an opinion is unfair on two fronts: firstly, the the good bands and songs of nu-metal are painted in a negative light; secondly, and by the same token, the cream of deathcore are viewed poorly. Granted, there are artists that produce insipid, bone-headed and tired music but this reflects negatively on those that do create more interesting compositions. Puerto Rico’s LURE THE CHAOS fall into this latter category.

Their new EP, “The Raven”, features many of the hallmarks of everyone’s favourite genre whipping-boy: chugs, blasts, vocals ranging from gutturals to piercing shrieks and, of course, breakdowns. However, “Cleansing Necromancy” indicates from the off that mere chugs aren’t the name of the game. Featuring technical riffs with lighting-fast licks and intense syncopated double kicks as well as blistering leads in the bridge, it makes for an instantly better listen than the caveman-like deathcore oft lampooned.

The EP highlight and title track stands out from the four tracks on offer here – buzz-saw riffs aplenty and with an well-placed spoken-word passage from Edgar Allen Poe’s masterpiece “The Raven”. Switching from groove-laden hooks to cold, Nordic blasts, it defines itself as a varied yet consistently powerful track that will go down oh-so-well in a pit.

“Breed The Hate” slows proceedings down to a mid-tempo stomp with occasional flourishes of speed, though it retains the band’s penchant for thrash riffs and black metal-inspired tremolo flurries. Whether it is the slight dip in tempo or not is up to debate, but it does feel like this track represents a small lull in the EP.

Closer “Miseria” returns to the frenetic pace LURE THE CHAOS set out at the start – blistering fast riffs and furious drumming with Ivsian Piñeiro’s ridiculously caustic throat-shredding scream. The man sounds like he is possessed by some otherworldly creature and hasn’t a care at all for his vocal chords – fitting that he delivers arguably the most passionate performance round the EP off.

Benefitting from great production, LURE THE CHAOS have released a solid deathcore EP and one that doesn’t suffer from the same “low-brow” standards that clog up the metal waves. Incorporating elements from death metal, black metal, thrash and hardcore helps keep “The Raven” exciting, varied and with plenty on offer for fans of downright heavy metal music.

Review by Lee Carter