LOST SOUL – First album teaser online

On October 30th, “Atlantis – The New Beginning” will be released worldwide via Apostasy Records. It will be made available as a limited deluxe edition, as a jewelcase edition and as a download. A vinyl version of the album will be released in February 2016 via Supreme Chaos Records.

Lost Soul Band

Grecki is very satisfied with the band’s new material:
‘Atlantis’ is damn fast, heavy, evil, dark, spacious, extremely massive and technical. It’s no doubt a full-blown, merciless metal album. We managed to structure it in a way so you can hear the evil, darkness, air and power. Speed was not our focus. While complicated parts are still there, it is a very listenable record by all means. The album is less intense than previous. You can find more slow to mid tempos. Damian and Maro did a few vocal parts. We also invited several guests, among them was Dave Suzuki, who did one solo. We have two women’s voices and a friend of ours recorded a flamenco guitar part. A few songs and interludes feature choir parts (Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra) – which is already like the icing on the cake. On top of that – my vocals.
lost soulTracklist:
01. Hypothelemus
02. Aqueous Ammonia
03. Ravines Of Rapture
04. Unicornis
05. The Next Generation
06. Vastitas Borealis
07. Perihelion
08. False Testimony
09. Frozen Volcano
10. Atlantis
Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Edition)
11. Red Giant
12. Sonidos Del Apocalipsis
13. Supernovae

Watch the first teaser  by the Polish four-piece here: