London Tattoo Convention 2013, Review by Sabrina Dersel

The 9th London International Tattoo Convention was held on 27th, 28th and 29th September 2013 at Tobacco Dock in East London, with over 300 of the finest tattoo artists in the world being present, including TV stars such as Ami James (Miami Ink & NY Ink), Chris Nunez (Miami Ink & Ink Master USA), Tim Hendricks (NY Ink), Oliver Peck (Ink Master USA), Tattoo Baby (Ink Master USA) and Juan Salgado (Ink Master USA)..

As well as the opportunity to get tattooed by your favourite artist, the London Tattoo convention offers you live shows, tattoo equipment specialists, alternative shops, art stands, pubs and a restaurant.
tattoo 2013 index_clip_image006
During this three day event, the whole Dock is living, breathing of the alternative subculture.
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Visitors are queuing from well before 12 o’clock to make sure they can get in. They have come together, bound by their passion for skin art.
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The ground floor is mainly for the tattoo artists, from the Traditional Polynesian style to the Old School one, Asian to Lettering etc…
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The lower ground floor regroups the clothing/accessorises/art/beauty stands from Goth to Pinup outfits; you will find what you are looking for and even more here!
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On the main stage are performances featuring a variety of sexy/burlesque/stripper performers and to open the Sunday activities are the famous “Fuel Girls”, who always take residency during the Tattoo event.
tattoo 2013 index_clip_image016
These five women are nothing but hot and sexy. Their show include aerial routines, fire,pole dancing, belly dancing, swords and more.
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Which soon follows the Toronto based “Nerdy Stripper”; getting onstage in her robe, she explains the nature of the show to come so children beware!
tattoo 2013 index_clip_image020
What follows in 15 minutes of undressing and energetic pole dancing…I am never bored to watch her perform!
tattoo 2013 index_clip_image022
The beautiful Elegy Ellem is next, with her Joker theme burlesque routine, followed by The Queen of the Damned Cerveza Fox with her red hair and fangs.
tattoo 2013 index_clip_image024
In the evening, as always, the biggest show on offer is provided by the visitors themselves, who will compete in the Tattoo contests for ‘Best Of Day’, ‘Best Back Piece’, ‘Best Colours’, ‘Best Black And Grey’ and ‘Best Of Show’.
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A day like this happens once a year…or three really, but if you haven’t attended this event yet, next year will be the 10th edition of the London Tattoo convention and I already know it is the event not to be missed in 2014!

See you there for some ink and beers!

Photography by Sabrina Dersel