LmK – Zerouno by Mark Hunter

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor: Tunecore
Distributor URL: http://www.tunecore.com
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/LmK_Zerouno?id=Bemmhdct2somh3qam2xysuhzljm&hl=it
Band Website: http://www.lmkprod.com
Lmk Zerouno
Band line-up: LmK

1 – Ipotermia
2 – Memorie
3 – Planetarium






So hold on a minute, this is one guy? One guy playing all the instruments on his own? One 24 year old Italian guy who decided to do it on his own because he couldn’t find a band? Ok, I am impressed.

Zerouno is a three track EP of instrumental progressive metal from Italian composer and sound engineer Lmk. As this talented young man is currently without a band I can only assume that he has produced this EP as a showcase of his many talents in hope of getting “back on the stage” as he puts it in his bio. If that was his aim then he has certainly made a convincing case for himself.

I have been trying to think of a way around comparing this EP’s sound to a certain prog metal band, but I don’t think I can. Dream Theater. There I said it. It sounds like Dream Theater.

Honestly if you put this on and didn’t tell me who it was I’d say it had to be Dream Theater.
The first two tracks in particular have a very similar sound to ‘Train of Thought’. Lmk’s ability to blend the quieter more emotionally charged moments with heavy guitars, powerful drums and virtuoso keyboards are what take me back to Dream Theaters 2003 release.

Every so often the drumming takes a more extreme turn. If you listen to the third and final track ‘Planetarium’, it starts with a rather grand intro before over a minutes solid of pulverising drums that must have left this poor guys arms and legs in tatters during recording.

Lmk certainly hasn’t done his reputation as a composer any harm with these songs either. Each song seems to have been constructed with great precision and detail. I mean no disrespect to the guy saying that his songs sound like Dream Theater. Quite the opposite. I think that it is immensely impressive that one guy on his own has manage to compose song that live up to the excellence of the prog metal titans that are Dream Theater.

If Lmk can start or find his way into a band that can match his obvious talents then there will be one hard choice for him. what instrument is he going to play? If you want to get back up on the stage again you can’t play them all….
….can you?

Review By Mark Hunter