Lizzy Meow Interviewed by Rhiannon Marley

Lizzy Meow has been a professional alternative model since the age of 17, she works part-time internationally and has already compiled a noteworthy portfolio. Although her expertise features many genres, from steam-punk, pin-up and avant-garde, to gothic, corsetry and latex, she is available for more commercial, catwalk and editorial styles too, with measurements of 34.64 – 23.62 – 36.61. She is also a sophisticated fashion design student with her dream to become a full-time travelling model…

With 15 piercings in her ears, long, fiery tresses and milky skin, Lizzy is one of the most distinctive and unique characters in the field. Her age may be only 20, but her credentials are self-explanatory; having worked with designers Westward Bound, Ooh La Latex and Royal Black, among others, and possessing versatility in roles, her passion supports her professional reliability. Available in both primary and secondary residences of Austria and England, Lizzy’s philosophy that she ‘is not the artist, but the art’ defines a strong creative perspective, and all the resources required to become globally coveted within the industry.
You first got into modelling when asked to appear on the flyer of a gothic party in your hometown of Vienna.
Was modelling something you always saw yourself pursuing, or a spontaneous venture?
It was not a spontaneous that I started modelling, only the time I got asked wasn’t planned. I have always been interested in photography and art. At the age of 12 I persuaded my mum to go to a child model agency with me but I wasn’t happy with what the lady there told me as the jobs weren’t interesting at all for me. So I decided to wait for a better opportunity to kick off my modelling career. It was also great that I waited as I was much too young and naive to start anyway, I didn’t know what the business was like at all!

Your motto is that you don’t want to be an artist, but the art itself. If you’re not the artist, what’s your take on the great creativity you put into your incredible range of shoots?
I organise a lot of my shootings myself, which I love as it is a really creative process. I decide what make-up and hairstyle I will get, I organise the photographer and location if we shoot outdoor or on location and have also got the final image in my head as soon as I get the clothes to shoot.
“Lizzy Meow”is my brand, I am the manager. It’s a product and I treat it as such. I’m a slave of my own creation and that is why I don’t see me as an artist, but the art itself.
Lizzy Robert Pichler 2
Your portfolio and modelling interests are rich and diverse, from niche to editorial. What attracted you to the alternative world?
The alternative world has always fascinated me. I just slipped into it because of my friends and the music I listened to. I used to go to a lot of concerts and parties with a lot of alternative and freaky people so it was just natural that I dressed in a different way as normal people do. I had a very distinct look at this time, I had a very long red Mohawk with black leopard print on the short sides and because of that I was asked to be photographed for this party flyer.

Among your talents, you’re a fashion design student. Which areas, if any, of your modelling do you draw influence from for your own clothing designs? Pin-up? Steam-punk? Avant-garde? More commercial styles?
I mostly get inspired by music and art. Sometimes, out of the blue I get ideas of new outfits to sew and have to write them down on anything that I have to hand like tissues or napkins… my style can generally be described as a mixture of element and scenes. There’s no certain style as steampunk or gothic for example, I just mix everything together the way I feel like. Also I don’t really like planning everything step by step so a lot of things just come to my mind while already sewing. So there’s a lot of spontaneous ideas mixed in as well. The only thing that is really important for me is that everything is wearable for cool people in daily life J

Your measurements are the perfect specifications for worldwide catwalk modelling. Do you adhere to a strict lifestyle to maintain them? What are your diet and exercise routines like?
To be completely honest- and I know that a lot of people will hate me for that– I have never been on a diet my whole life. I go to the gym regularly between 2 and 3 times a week to stay in shape and toned, but I haven’t got a strict plan of what I am allowed to eat or so. I’m really happy that I have inherited my parent’s great genes!!
What are your thoughts on the idea that catwalk models must generally be very slender to be taken seriously in the profession?
I think in some point it is really important that there are rules and guidelines of what you have to look like to be a catwalk model, otherwise everyone could do it. I can understand that there’s a certain height you need to have and certain measurements to present fashion on a catwalk, but I am definitely not a fan of those skinny size zero models that aren’t even allowed to eat properly, I think that’s totally wrong and should be banned! I think Victoria Secret Models look gorgeous. They have got a great body, are slim and tall and just look fantastic on catwalks.

You’re available for worldwide shoots and love to travel. What’s your favourite place to have done a shoot in? What made it so special?
My favourite place where I have had a shooting before is an enchanted yew tree forest in the south of England. It is a natural reserve that is said to be haunted which is quite creepy. There are a lot of spooky stories about this place and the photographer told me some of them while we were shooting. That was scary and awesome at once because the place looked so beautiful and majestic. I really want to go back there one day..
Lizzy Robert Pichler
While you’re based in Austria, England is your second residence. Are there any major differences between the modelling worlds of the two countries?
Well, the only difference that I can think of right now is that Austria doesn’t seem to be as open minded concerning alternative modelling as England seems to be. There are no alternative model agencies or magazines, whereas there seem to be a lot in the UK. On one hand it is quite frustrating as it seems that English models have got greater opportunities to get well known than Austria’s new talents, but on the other hand you can be even more proud if you manage to get known all by yourself.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever, and would ever, do for a shoot?!
I think I would do a lot of crazy things if it is for a great shoot. A really crazy shooting took place in the centre of Vienna when we were shooting image photos for a gorgeous Austrian label and people kept jumping in our pictures and stood next to me and wanted the photographer to take a photo with their digital cameras. That was great fun but took us long to finish as we were interrupted a lot J
What’s your personal definition of ‘beauty’? Do you like irregularity, or are you a perfectionist?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me beauty is something that has got a specific look and something unique. I think someone with a personal style and a character is much more beautiful than an “overphotoshopped” face that looks like X others. I do like irregularity and asymmetries. I suppose I am a perfectionist if it comes to my work. I want everything to look amazing and the way I’ve got it in my mind.

Where can people find your work?
I can be found on my official homepage
or on my facebook page:
I can also be followed on twitter @xLizzyMeow and of course on Model Mayhem or (195453).
Is there any advice you would give to someone, wanting to start out in the modelling world?
Take care of how you look, pay attention to the details and be reliable and open minded.
Don’t try to do what someone else is already doing, do something new and HAVE FUN with what you are doing.

Thank you for answering our questions!

Thank you J